13 Tips to Design Striking Coffee Mugs on Your Own

The Best Ways You Can Enjoy Great Coffee coffee mugs

Negosentro.com | 13 Tips to Design Striking Coffee Mugs on Your Own | We all are a sucker for a great coffee mug but struggle to get one that is striking, alluring as well as unique in some way. You might have cupboards full of mugs that you hardly use but you still want to bring another that’s stunning, eye-catching. 

That’s why the demand for customized coffee mugs is always high.

Advertising, gifting, home-based business, or to add panache to your home decor — whatever the purpose may be, your coffee mug must be designed in style to fascinate, grab eyeballs and trendy. A mug is a great way of communicating a message. Custom coffee mugs embellished with unique artwork and inspirational messages go a long way when it comes to conveying a message. The very reason, it is being widely used for marketing purposes across the sectors worldwide.

So if you’re the one who’s considering to design striking coffee mugs but don’t know how and where to design, after reading this article you’ll be able to make a custom coffee mug on your own that stands out. 

Let’s get started with these simple yet essential tips that’ll ensure that your custom mug stands out from the rest. 

13 Tips to Design Striking Coffee Mugs on Your Own 

#1 Plan out the design 

It’s essential to plan well in advance and ensure that the project that you’re undertaking will finish off. There are some crucial aspects that you need to consider before getting your custom coffee mug project started. They are: 

  • Make sure the design fits on the mug space.
  • Color to be used in the design
  • Whether the design will cover the whole coffee mug or just a single side?
  • Is there anything that will be placed inside the mug?
  • What will be the type of design — permanent, dishwasher-safe, microwave compatible or washable?

This should be the first step of your custom mug design project. 

#2 Choose the right color 

Colors create emotions, ideas, spark interest, and convey a message. You have to understand the color psychology to induce the intended emotions. Each color has some significance, for instance, red signifies energy, warmth, sensuality, mistakes, danger, and failure.  

So use the right color in your coffee mug design to add real impact. But make sure that you’re not using too much color as it may overpower the image leading to a messy design.

Before you go for the final design, use a sketch to see if the color(s) that you’re going to use is/are just perfect. Also, using too much color will cost you more if you are planning to get it professionally printed. 

#3 Pick your mug for durability 

You want custom coffee mugs that are easy to take care of and durable; right?

You should choose mug blanks that are sturdy and dishwasher-safe. 

#4 Bigger is better 

Adding a little extra into brews is today’s trend. People love to use a bigger mug that can stand up to dollops of sugar, lashings of cream, and even a bit of a tipple. A larger-volume coffee mug also allows drinkers to cut-down on refills providing ample space for a drink as well as fits super comfortably into the hands of the drinker.   

Let’s face it — today’s coffee and tea drinkers love to add little extras into their brews. A larger-volume mug can stand up to lashings of cream, dollops of sugar, and even a bit of a tipple.

As well as allowing you to cut down on refills by providing a larger portion of your favorite drink, big mugs also fit more comfortably into the hands. 

#5 Spark inspiration 

People love inspirational quotes, sayings and thoughts. 

To make your custom coffee mug that produces a high dose of inspirations, pick one such quote, phrase or sayings from a popular public figure, author or actor. You can also choose to put a viral meme on your awesome custom coffee mug. 

#6 Be experimental 

Don’t hurry in creating your masterpiece, experiment a lot with your design instead. 

Before you reach the final design, make sure that it will exactly look how you want to see it. Because, sometimes, it happens that design looks good in your head but fails to translate your thoughts on the final print. So the best way is to take time, sketch your drawing on a paper and test on a mug to have an idea of how the final print will look.    

#7 Make a masterpiece

Let your creative juices flow. Try as many designs as you can!

Because the more striking your coffee mug design, the more likely the giftee will do justice with it. It’s likely that your masterpiece will get the most prominent place in the recipient’s home or office.  

#8 Be innovative in your design

Don’t be a copycat! Try to bring your own innovative ideas instead of copying someone’s artwork will not give your design a unique masterpiece. Also, sometimes, you may face some lawsuit if you reproduce someone’s art without getting the owner’s permission.

#9 Print professionally

Now that you have created an awesome design, it’s imperative to get it professionally printed at a shop or online platform like PrintShop by Designhill. No matter how beautiful your custom coffee mug is, if it’s printed casually, your entire effort of creating a striking design will go in vain.   

#10 Pen-made mugs

Want a mug that is durable and dishwasher-safe design? If yes, use a pen-made, for ceramic and porcelain surfaces in particular, to ink your design.  

#11 Mod-Podge collage

Today, companies make a dishwasher-safe version that is perfect when you create custom coffee mug designs. It’s very simple — place tissue paper, picture cutouts or any of the paper-based design onto the mug and baste properly with dishwasher-safe Mod-Podge and let it dry. 

That’s all! You have designed a striking custom coffee mug that is sturdy and easy to take care of. 

#12 Vinyl is the best

Cut any shape or saying from standard vinyl and stick it to the mug. Then give a coating of acrylic sealant and your design will become secure and long-lasting.

#13 Creative packaging

If the design that you just created is not meant for your own use, wrap it in a beautiful, eye-catchy way to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Get a box that best fits your custom coffee mug then use attractive wrapping that you think will impress the recipient and deliver it with love.

The final note

Despite the fact that there are plenty of coffee mug designs are available in any given market or online store like PrintShop, you designed your own. Why? Because a customized mug adds a touch of character, and class that a readymade mug can’t. Hope these design tips will help you make your own custom coffee mug with ease.


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