3 Reasons your Internet is Slowing down your Business: What to do about it

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NEGOSENTRO.COM | Everyone knows. It’s no secret anymore; our world revolves around connectivity. From wifi connected robot vacuum cleaners to toilets that can detect early signs of cancer (yeah, that’s a thing), there is almost nothing that doesn’t connect to the internet.

And if we know that everything nowadays is a “smart” device, then that means we understand the importance of the internet. So why do we still allow our businesses to lag behind, merely because we aren’t putting enough emphasis on using the net to our advantage?

I say, it’s time we stop putting the most important innovation of our time on the backburner, and start utilizing it to help rise above our competition.

I say, IT’S TIME WE EMBRACE THE WEB!!! WHO’S WITH ME? (chanting screams)

Okay, all facetious war cries aside. If you’re not using this great invention to your advantage, then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Here are some ways that your use of the internet can be holding you back.

Slow Speeds

We all know that speed is what’s most important. It’s why we care about horsepower when talking automobiles, it’s why we have microwaves; it’s why we have solid state hard-drives. We even make sure our home internet speed is fast enough for us to have all our devices connected to Netflix simultaneously. Go ahead, do a speed check on your home internet, I imagine it’s no less than 75 GB per second. Some of us skimp on internet speeds for our companies.

So much of our work is done on the internet. SalesForce, Click Meeting, Skype, Facetime (the list goes on forever). These are all required for businesses, and they all require a decent internet connection to use them, not to mention when you’re trying to use them all concurrently. Now imagine all of the employees in your office trying to use them at the same time. It’s no wonder the internet is lagging so much; It’s overloaded.

Furthermore, higher-priced options are far more reliable than the lower-tiered slow connections. And every time your internet goes down, or lags, you lose money. Check out the likes Spectrum Internet for choices on fast internet plans.

How to Fix it

Go ahead and get the good stuff. Splurge a bit for your internet service. Think of it as an investment, one that will pay itself off before your next billing cycle even hits.

Outdated Website

There is a reason all the most profitable companies continually update their websites. They understand the need to have high visibility on the web. They also understand their site needs to stick with the ever-changing times.  

If you haven’t changed your website to support mobile devices, you’re missing out on over half of the business you could be getting. And if you’re mobile site isn’t correctly configured for mobile devices you aren’t doing any better.

How to Fix it

If you update your website to fall in line with today’s expectations, you’ll be promoting yourself as a high-quality brand that can be trusted. You will be less susceptible to cyber attacks. And most of all, you will gain infinitely more traffic. Traffic drives business and business drives profit.

Multiple Sites

While not as egregious of an error as having an out of date site, holding multiple domains is still detrimental for your company. The most notable way this is bad for your company is because you’re taking away assets that could be put to much better use. Misallocating time and resources is fast-tracking your way to extinction.

A lot of companies have the idea that having more sites will help you accumulate more eyeballs. In actuality, multiple domains destroy your other sites SEO. And as a businessman, you understand the importance of SEO.

This is because the algorithms get confused and you become your own enemy. And I mean that in an authentic way. Making a second website (especially if it’s identical) drives the algorithms to look at that website as competing with your other site. The result is less traffic on the main site and little traffic on the new one.

That also means that your actual competition is now getting more clicks.

How to Fix it

If you have more content to put out, rather than opening up a new domain, choose instead to create a new landing page that can convey that information.

I do understand that you may feel the need to start a new page because you’re current site hasn’t taken off. But I urge you to instead, put more resources into the page you have. Keep putting out daily content, keep posting amazing photos, and keep on working on the SEO. You’ll get there eventually. Stardom doesn’t happen overnight.

emily jacobsEmily Jacobs is Happiness Ambassador for SpeedCheck.org

She loves to write latest technology trends and love to share her knowledge through her articles.