2 Notable Tutima Watch Collections You Should Have

Tutima Watch Collections

Negosentro.com | 2 Notable Tutima Watch Collections You Should Have | Watches are one of the most important accessories people wear. Aside from its primary function to inform people of the correct time, some people consider it as an expression of their personality and feeling. That is why, if you will notice one of the most popular family heirlooms are classic timepieces such as vintage watches.

More than its designs, watches raise popularity based on their inspirations. If you are talking about classic timepieces, you may hear brand names such as Rolex. But did you know that other watch collections are built with a rich history and produce with world-class quality? One of the oldest brands in the market is Tutima Watches — an exceptional brand originated in Glashütte, Germany.

A watch with a rich history

A family-owned and operated company, Tutima started churning out exceptional watches at the heart of Germany’s watch capital in 1927. They are known for producing high-quality instrument watches that have proven to survive sea, air, and land. Through time, Tutima has developed two significant watch collections that are well-known worldwide. These two have evolved and upgraded since, which makes it a notable addition to their current watch releases. Let’s take a look at each of them. 

The Grand Flieger Chronograph Collection

A descendant of their legendary Tutima pilot’s chronograph of 1941, this particular collection continues to get raves from their avid customers not only because of its historical value but also because of its high-standard quality.

Known to be following the German DIN standards, this certified chronometer is highly accurate and patterned to the watches developed for maritime travel in the old days. To get the certification, this watch passed a series of tests where they exposed it to 5 controlled environments to evaluate its accuracy depending on different positions — with a temperature ranging from 8 to 38 degrees Celsius.

For a more vintage look, this watch collection comes with a coin edge rotating bezel and reference marker, paired with a matte black dial, contemporary luminous hands, and a diameter of 43mm. The strap can also be made of either steel or leather. It has a transparent back case where you can view Tutima 320, a classic aviation rotor with a gold seal, and a date display. Furthermore, its notable chronograph has 60-second, 30-minute, and 12-hour counters. Additionally, it is also water-resistant.

M2 Pioneer Chronograph Collection

To continue the legacy established by the NATO Chronograph Tutima developed in 1984, the M2 Pioneer Chronograph watch collection was released. It still boasts the older version’s functionality, reliability, and toughness. Working on a TUT 521 automatic caliber power source, M2 Pioneer features a highly-innovative dial train with a legible central sweep minute counter for its chronograph. It has a mechanical movement that is resistant to shock, dust, moisture, and strong magnetic exposure. Needless to say, it’s also water-resistant. With a solid titanium case paired with a sapphire crystal and screw-down case, this watch is not vulnerable even with extreme shocks and bumps.

If you are going on a night outdoor adventure, M2 Pioneer is a perfect choice. The clock hands for both the main hour display and the chronograph functions are equipped with Super Lumi Nova. It also has a unique easy-gripped rotating bezel with 14 luminous capsules with a large 12’oclock reference.

To withstand its high-quality features and functionalities, M2 Pioneer comes with a solid titanium link strap. Making this collection a watch that can brave the harshest elements.

A timeless piece for timeless needs

Your choice of a watch says a lot about your personality and taste. Whatever you wear on your wrist is a symbol of who you are in life. Wearing any of the Tutima watches collections make you look like a strong man who can’t be turned down easily despite any struggles and storms you encounter. Just like these watches, you can brave all types of bumps on the road caused by different elements.

Tutima is true to its promise of creating quality watches since they open their doors to provide timepieces for the maritime and military forces in Germany. And since then, they have continued to be one of the strongest watch brands in the market, literally and figuratively.

Get yourself a Tutima watch. Check out their selections today.


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