How to Use Epsom Salts

How to Use Epsom Salts | How to Use Epsom Salts | Who knew that there were so many uses for Epsom Salts? It feels very Seussical, “You can use it for your bath or when you can’t poop, you can use it to exfoliate loofah loofah loof, as a hair stripper or moisturizer you can be much wiser if you use the salts today to wash all of your pain away. 

A Brief History of Epsom Salts.

All jokes aside, Epsom salts are not actually salt at all though the chemical structure mimics that of table salt it is really a magnesium compound. It was first discovered in Epsom, England in the 17th century for its laxative properties and was referred to as “bitter purging salts” for about 350 years. 

The restorative properties of those silvery prisms have only been truly explored over the last hundred years or so. We now know that a simple Epsom salt bath will cure what ails you. 

You Can Use it in Your Bath.

Adding a couple of handfuls of Epsom salt to your bath can help with a variety of ailments including but not limited to

  • Arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Sprains and bruises
  • Pain associated with Fibromyalgia
  • Sore muscles from working out
  • Swollen feet

When you use Epsom salts it is best to keep your bath water around 98 degrees. Even though the steaming hot water will feel great on your aches and pains, the heat will weaken the healing properties of the salts. 

You Can Use it as a Laxative.

As we discussed in the history of Epsom salts, you can use it to relieve constipation, gas, and bloating. Dissolving one teaspoon of salts in a warm 8 oz glass of water before bed should do the trick overnight. 

You Can Use it as an Exfoliant and Moisturizer. 

Adding a few tablespoons of pure Epsom salts to your favorite body wash will give it a coarse texture. Using a loofah in a circular motion as you lather up your skin will naturally exfoliate leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. No need to moisturize because the salts will naturally soften skin leaving it looking radiant and soft. 

You Can Use it as a Hair Stripper.

As you style your hair using products to keep those crazy curls in line, a residue builds up at the root and can leave your hair looking dull and dried out. Combine one cup of Epsom salts and the juice from one lemon with one gallon of warm water and let it sit overnight. Pour the mixture over your hair and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Wash as you would normally and enjoy the shine of a lifetime on your loopy locks. 

My mom used to use Epsom salts in everything. She had a mix that cleaned the toilet and scrub that reduced soap scum in the shower, she even used it regularly in the washing machine on the rinse cycle to clear out the smells that would come home with my pig farming daddy. 

I recently read an article about people using Epsom to treat pain associated with Lyme’s disease and I was shocked to learn that the very thing I have been using to treat everything from inflammation to bad hair could now offer so much relief to so many suffering from this incurable disease. 

I feel like we have only begun to reveal the restorative properties of this versatile magnesium blend of goodness. It remains to be seen what effect Epsom salts will have in the beauty industry in the coming years.