10 Payment Gateways to choose From for Your B2B eCommerce Site

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If you are selling something online, you must get paid online, on the spot as well. For which, payment gateways came into existence and we are grateful that they exist.

Online transactions matter the most, not just to the B2B eCommerce store owners or wholesalers but also to the customers. A safe and effective payment gateway is what pleases everyone and the reason why today eCommerce giants are eyeing for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is that they have proven their worth in luring customers for mobile shopping by giving them a smooth buying experience and thus boosting their sales.

Although a dedicated native app can be developed and customised as per each wholesaler, making your online b2b ecommerce software solution for wholesalers progressive can be a far better idea as they can be accessed by any wholesalers from different devices to perform their desired actions.

A payment gateway is a valuable tool for ecommerce businesses as it serves as a channel between your online store and the bank that processes the buyer’s payment. The job of it is to securely transmit the consumer’s confidential credit/debit card and bank account data to the issuing bank and get a reply from it about whether the transaction is accepted or declined.

Now, deciding upon a payment gateway suitable to a PWA becomes challenging. There are some key points to keep in mind while fixing a payment gateway like; the size of the business, its transaction fees, integration compatibility, geographical boundaries, client’s special demands etc. To make it easy for you to pick one, we have curated the list of top ten Payment Gateways that are trending, take a look.



One of the most used and preferred digital wallets today, Paytm has won hearts all over India with its excellent services and offers. Its wallet facility allows an individual to make payments online/offline without using net banking, debit and credit card payments anytime, anywhere. About 6 million merchants including Fasoos, Oyo, Dominos, BigBasket are using this mobile payment solution for over years. Paytm offers a starter plan for small start-ups, freelances, and home businesses. Different plans are available which you can check at Paytm Pricing and choose one.

  1. Braintree

If yours is a global wholesale ecommerce software solution, Braintree can be a good payment gateway option for you as it allows you to accept payments and build businesses, easily and smoothly. It is known for its seamless and secure checkout process and its programming and the code can be set specifically into a merchant’s online site, which makes it unique among other payment platforms. Braintree offers data portability with fraud protection and ecommerce customer support too, which is why top clients like Uber, Casper, Redbus, Skyscanner and others have Braintree integrated into their sites. Its other features include a dynamic control panel, easy repeat billing, 2-day pay-out, and global coverage. Although there are no minimums, no monthly fees or any hidden fees, you can explore more about their custom pricing at Braintree Pricing and get it for your site today.

  1. AmazonPay

One of the fast and reliable payment solutions with millions of users worldwide, Amazon Pay needs no detailed description as customers and merchants are already impressed with it and are using it for all their transactions. From large companies like All Saints, Cymax, Gogo to smaller ones prefer Amazon Pay due to its effortless and secure payment services. It operates in many different languages and even supports all the leading currencies across the globe. It offers two packages:  Pay with Amazon (for merchants) and Log In and Pay (for shoppers) which you can explore more at Amazon Pay Pricing. Pay with Amazon is enabled with features like customizable recurring payments which gives customers, smooth shopping experience and convert them into repeat buyers.

  1. Paypal

Paypal, one of the oldest payment gateways founded in 1998 by an American company, grants payment service for all online vendors, auctions sites and other commercial sites as well at minimal cost in exchange of big benefits. It offers great flexibility in online transactions and maintains security with verified and secured code programs in it. Its pricing and fees vary which you can explore more at PayPal Pricing and has no setup expenses, gateway fees, or monthly charges. Its best advantage is that merchants do not have to pay once the sale is done, no doubt why clients like eBay, bookeo, Audience View Ticking Corp prefer Paypal. Its advance platform PayPal Pro even enables merchants to have and modify their entire check out process so that consumers do not have to leave the site and the best part, it also accepts credit cards via fax, mail, or phone.

  1. Authorize.Net

With more than 350,000 merchants using Authorize.Net payment gateway today, you can get the extent of its popularity and ability and how beneficial can it be for an online b2b ecommerce software solution like yours. Clients like Easy-breathe, Avasflowers, Allstarflags have benefitted a lot since the integration of Authorize.Net onto their site since the beginning. It needs no software to be installed as it manages online transaction routing just like a conventional card swipe machine. It comes with an advanced fraud detection suite and a range of value-added services to protect the business and meet the demands. It offers tailored pricing, data migration assistance, interchange plus options which both the merchant and the buyer can benefit from.

  1. PayU

PayU is one such payment gateway that matches merchants’ requirements with customers’ shopping and payments behaviour. It features mobile integration, recurring payment, express payment, tokenization, Web checkout, alternative payments, and multi-currency support. It is a product of an Indian payment-processing corporation and is used by clients like Koovs, Snapdeal and Zomato due to its flexibility and compatibility. It supports UPI Payment, digital wallet and net banking (50+ banks supported). You can sign-up and submit your documents online with no setup fees and annual maintenance fees. Know more at PayU Pricing.

  1. Skrill

Skrill, a UK based payment gateway is popular among both merchants and customers all across the globe. It allows international transactions along with key features like a free account, fast access, credit card transactions, email transactions, and one place data. Used by many leading companies like HRK games and Shutterstock, Skrill is easy to use and can connect to any bank account, securely. It has different payment charges for transaction and amount varies too which you can explore at Skrill Pricing.

  1. 2CheckOut

The 15 years old payment gateway, 2Checkout, is serving over more than 40k merchants including Fashion box Africa, Find service, due to its more than 200 unique fraud prevention rules and amazing features. It allows merchants to customize the platform as per their needs and offers multiple payment methods as well as the integration of more than 100 online shopping cart and invoicing systems. Its pricing varies depending on industry and business model which you can explore at 2Checkout Pricing and decide for yourself.

  1. BlueSnap

Global payment management and affiliate marketing solution BlueSnap, helps merchants achieve maximum payment conversion rates with its key features like payment API, hosted solutions, payment processor, merchant account, virtual terminals, and third-party plugins. Security is no concern in BlueSnap as it comes with a fraud prevention system which significantly reduces fraudulent payments. It has an innovative subscription billing engine which generates accurate invoices and it even supports payment types with different languages and currencies and for eCommerce, mobile, and web development. Check out BlueSnap’s pricing options and get your customised pricing as per your needs.

  1. SecurionPay

For those looking for ways to spice up their conversion and sales on their online b2b software solutions for wholesale, SecurionPay is the highly recommended payment gateway solution as it was designed to boost conversions with its simple, fast and secure transaction process. It is highly flexible, versatile and secure due to its popular anti-fraud protocols. It has no setup fees, fixed monthly fees or any hidden fees or surprises which you can confirm at SecurionPay Pricing. Dateyard, AG, Hub People are using it and hence is the most dependable payment gateway software so far.


Considering PWA for your B2B site along with a good payment gateway from above will definitely help you provide a consistent user experience with mobile web pages and gain better conversion rates in no time.

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