10 Amazing Places to Find Great Content Topics

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If you are into digital marketing and content creation is your niche, then nothing less than good content could ensure a smooth and seamless workflow at the end of the day. And in order to come up with good content topics, you got to be innovative, experimental and informative in your approach every single day. From talking about politics to technology, entertainment to religion, nature to travel; everything you write about is nothing but the very expression of thoughts and transformation of the same into a well-knit content.

But that’s really not enough for you to understand the true worth of content and how to keep things going. For a productive and engaging content creation, you need to pick an ideal topic to talk about and write on. All proofreading services and plagiarism checkerincorporated in order to make contents look technically accurate, original and grammatically flawless will simply go down the drain if the content topic isn’t intriguing enough. In case you too are looking for fresh content topics and subject matters that can keep your audience glued to the write-up, then take a look at these top 10 online platforms that can help you discover amazing content topics and prompts to work on.

  1.   The Latest – well the name suggests everything in a nutshell

Twitter is undeniably one of the most effective social media platforms to find all the latest news and events happening across the globe. Isn’t it?  Now this particular platform, The Latest, makes your struggle of extracting all the latest links and news much easier. This portal collects all famous and the latest links from Twitter automatically and presents them before the users to click and explore the most popular topics from all over the world. This one seems interesting.

  1.   Buzzsumo – for competitive content topic selection and more

Talking of interesting content topic generation, you simply cannot afford to give this site a miss. Buzzsumo allows you to analyze what content would work well for your topic, based on the competitive market out there. Apart from that, you get to find helpful content influencers, in case you wish to promote your content for a better exposure and ROI at the end of the day. The site allows you to read through a plethora of latest content topics belonging to categories such as “Trending Now”, “All Essay Writers” and “Most Shared”. Once you’re aware of the topics, and go through the content that is already up, live and popular, you get to develop further insights on how to design your own content and stick to those similar topics for significant exposure in the long run.

  1.   Sidebar – helps you explore the daily list of top links

This unique site allows its users to explore the five best design links on a daily basis. By clicking on each, you will get to explore something new, interesting and engaging every time. This, as a result, will allow you to come up with further ideas and slants to be implemented while creating new topics out of saleable ideas. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then this particular site is likely to help you in this matter. Give it a try, and you might just end up exploring some amazing stuff out there.

  1.   Slideshare – for original content ideas and topics

This is yet another mentionable platform that can be visited and explored in order to come up with original contents, topics and ideas to be implemented in your work. Slideshare allows you to “Discover. Share .Learn”. From education to technology, and artificial intelligence to career, Slideshare has got a plethora of content topics, news and links available for the users to explore learn and share. In addition to it, the site offers a separate section “Daily Top Headlines”. This, as a result, will help you stay updated with all latest news, which can later on be implemented as hot topics for content creation.

  1.   Feedly – keeps you up with the topics that matter to you

Yes, that’s what is precisely written in its homepage! Visiting Feedly will help you discover and explore various segments and “insightful sources” like Publications, Blogs, YouTube Channels, Tweets, Keyword Alerts, and RSS Feeds. The idea is simple. The more you explore, the better is the chance for you to come up with insightful and trending contents for the target audience. That’s where this amazing platform comes in with helpful features like Read, Organize, Search, Read Later, Discover and Share. You can even choose to share what you read and spread the word among your clan, network and colleagues. At times, enough content sharing leads to better topic generation and ideas.

  1.   Medium –  offers a plethora of content topics to think over

From Politics to Tech, Entrepreneurship to Culture, and Science to Future Human; Medium allows its users to explore a plethora of write-ups on some of the most sought-after topics and subject matters. Thus, in case you are wondering where to get some of the finest content topics to work on, then you can always consider the potential of Medium in this matter. The site claims to deliver the best stories and ideas on topics you care about most.

  1.   Pinterest – for trending content topics and ideas

Even Pinterest is one reliable and effective platform for people looking for great content ideas and topics to talk about. Visiting Pinterest will allow you to discover all latest and interesting information via images, videos and GIFs. As you start exploring your interests and follow content ideas and topics belonging to a particular genre, you will start receiving personalized recommendations from Pinterest. Now, this is something useful and productive it seems!

  1.   Goodreads – for great articles and popular quotes to being a topic with

As the name itself indicates, this particular site is all about some of the most amazing reads and popular quotes that can help you come up with better and engaging ideas to frame a topic and proceed with a killer content. From Arts, to Classic, Comics to Biographies, and Science to Sports; Goodreads allows you to explore a plethora of genres that can assists you in helpful idea generation. Even the dedicated quotes section can prove to be helpful for you, if you need to create topics out of famous quotes made by some of the famous personalities in the past.

  1.   The Feature – for helpful articles and essay ideas

If we are to talk about content topics and destinations to count on in this matter, then try not to miss out on this amazing platform. The Feature claims to have a handpicked selection of essays and articles for the users. So, you can certainly choose to pay this site a visit and explore some good reads for a better generation of idea, slants and perspectives requisite for a good content.

  1. Flipboard – for great blogs and topics to talk about

Flipboard is one helpful destination for people looking for good content ideas, topics and blogsFrom business blogs, to popular posts, and Top 10 Daily Edition, Flipboard brings to you some of the most informative write-ups that can help you develop good blog topics and blogging ideas at the end of the day. The site has a dedicated Newsroom for the users to stay updated with all latest announcements, images and videos.

So, the next time you would feel that there is a need for you to come up with better content ideas that can generate fresh content at the end of the day, always consider referring to the aforementioned names, visit the sites, take a look around and put your best forward to develop some path-breaking and essentially engaging content topics for audience. Go unleash the go-getter you already are!

Author Bio – Nathan William is a business blogger cum homework help provider, associated with an online assignment help firm named MyAssignmenthelp.com. Apart from being a blogger and academic assignment writer, Nathan runs a small café in Brisbane, Australia.