Your Zoom Alternatives: Best Video Conferencing Apps That You Need To Check

Your Zoom Alternatives
Image source: | Your Zoom Alternatives: Best Video Conferencing Apps That You Need To Check | Finding an alternative for Zoom is kind of a bit difficult since Zoom already set the standards of what a video conferencing app should have and offer. Although, it doesn’t mean that there’s no other app out there that you can use. Here are some of the best Zoom video conferencing app alternatives you can find right now.

Skype Meet Now

Are you looking for a free video conferencing app for your study or work? If yes, then you need to check the Skype Meet Now. It’s very easy to use, and it’s for free, so you won’t have to pay anything to use the app. Most people nowadays use Skype Meet Now for their online interviews, schoolwork, and business meetings.

Just a little background about Skype Meet Now is owned by a famous company called Microsoft and provided quality services to everyone back in 2003. People choose Skype because of its smooth service and high-quality video and audio compared to other video conferencing apps right now.

Skype Meet Now is not the Skype app that you knew; you don’t need to use Skype Meet Now, which is good because all you need to do is go to your web browser search for Skype Meet Now. What’s great about the Skype Meet Now is that even those who don’t have any Skype account can also join your video conference.

Google Meet

Maybe you’re already familiar with Google Hangout, which is also an excellent video conferencing app to use. However, Google Hangouts can only handle ten people, which is  just a few people, especially if you’re having a big company meeting. With that, they tried to re-engineered Google Hangouts, and they made Google Meet.

With Google Meet, you can share video conferences with up to 100 participants, which is incredible. People who also have Gmail accounts or emails can now use Google Meet. Another great thing about Google Meet is that everything is all for free. Furthermore, G Suite customers or users can access the advanced features of Google Meet for free.

Besides sharing a video conference with many people, you can also stream video live, record, and do unlimited calls. You can also get video meetings directly from your Gmail account and experience real-time language translation, which is very favorable, especially if you have other people who don’t speak English or other languages.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a veteran in terms of video conferencing. The company started in 1995, which is more than 20 years now. They provide a variety of collaboration tools, Webex Connect, and AIM Pro. After Cisco bought Webex back in 2007, Webex went straight to the top as the best online video conferencing app, and they maintained that status until now.

Although Cisco Webex’s high-quality video conferencing app does not come for free, you need to pay for their premium plan worth $13 to take advantage of some unique features such as cloud storage and technical support, and other advanced features. But if you’re not yet ready to take the premium plan, you can also try their free version for starters.

With their free version, you can still do video and audio conferencing, but you’re only limited to 40 minutes only, which is fair since it’s for free. There are other video conferencing products that you can have from Cisco Webex such as Cisco Webex Desk Pro, Cisco Webex Room Kit, WebOffice, Webex Meeting, and many more.

Jitsi Meet

Most often, Jitsi Meet compares to Zoom because of its interface and how the app works, which is nearly the same as Zoom. However, Jitsi wanted to have its name, with that, unlike Soom, Jitsi Meet doesn’t require their users to register to provide a more convenient and faster experience. By just clicking “Go,” you can start video conferencing right away.

You share video conferences with up to 75 people, which is fair enough since most video conference apps right now can only handle not over 50 participants. The Jitsi Meet also offers unique features such as public or private chat, session recording, background blur, and other helpful features that you usually get from a video conferencing app.

Another cool thing about the Jitsi Meet is that it’s also capable of Google Calendar, Office 365, Slack, and YouTube Live Streaming, which you rarely get from other video conferencing apps in the market today. Compatibility is also not a problem with Jitsi Meet since you can access it on your web browser, and it can run with both Android and iOS.


If you’re looking for a perfect video conferencing app for your company, then you need to check StarLeaf. It’s a Zoom-like app, although it’s more into the business side of things, making it very compatible with large companies. You can share a secured video conference with 20 people and up to 46 minutes of video streaming.

StarLeaf is also available for desktop and mobile usage, which makes it very versatile. You’ll also experience high-quality audio output and high-definition video. Another good thing about StarLeaf is that it also supports multiple screens, cameras, and it’s also capable of professional AV integration.

You can have other unique features from StarLeaf are cloud-based video calling, StarLeaf Encore, admin controls, and more. To know more about its features, you can check; they have all the information you need. Also, StarLeaf offers a unique feature to share a video conference with other apps such as Zoom and Skype.


You can never go wrong when selecting between these video conferencing apps. Each one of these video conferencing apps provides the easiest way for you to communicate with your friends, families, and co-workers. They also offer the best features that you will not find from other video conferencing apps, making them better from others.

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