You Can Only Hotstamp Frosted Bags Compared To Ink Printing

Hotstamp Frosted Bags 1 | To make your business stand out goes beyond choosing the appropriate stock, exceptional customer service, and a nice interior. The brand image includes every aspect of your business including your products and packaging solution. A wonderful option to make your customers move out of your store with their purchases is by offering custom printed frosted bags. These bags make your store elegant and look more professional. Goodiebag has a nice collection you can choose from.

What are frosted shopping bags?

These are plastic shopping bags with 2.50 mil thickness for durability. Frosted shopping bags are neither transparent nor opaque. They are made from clear plastic bags after applying decorative frosting coating to give them the shimmery translucent look. The colored frosting also gives the bags a range of colors including ocean blue, grape, black, ivory, sage, and espresso. You can also find white and light colored frosted shopping bags. 

Frosted shopping bags vs. clear plastic bags

The frosted shopping bags are a better option to clear plastic bags for offering privacy. Clear plastic bags come with a pristine and elegant look while making no effort to conceal the contents from prying eyes. This makes these bags not discreet enough for items that require utmost privacy like in a lingerie store. Alternatively, frosted shopping bags offer discretion while maintaining a distinctive look as clear plastic bags. The range of colors for frosted shopping bags is eye-catching to make them the ideal option for your promotional project with customization. 

Hotstamping frosted shopping bags

You can order custom frosted bags hotstamped with your company details and logo. The process involves creating imprints using an engraved magnesium plate, heat, and pressure. This imprinting process will give your shopping bags an upscale and classy appeal. Hotstamping applies metallic or pigmented foil to the bag surface through heat transfer. Your frosted shopping bags will end up with foil imprint in a matte or metallic finish for a high-end look. 

Why use hotstamping over ink printing 

High visibility

Having your shopping bags hotstamped leads to top quality results with details that have high visibility. Appealing packaging is likely to grab customers’ attention. Keep in mind that your customers greatly appreciate carrying their purchases in more than regular shopping bags. Hotstamped shopping bags will have your details more visible to enhance your brand promotion with consequent soaring in sales. 

More perceived value

The higher visibility of hotstamped details on the shopping bags gives them more perceived value. Your shopping bags will appear unique, nice-looking, and with better quality. This general customer perception is essential in attracting more customers. Shoppers will walk majestically out of your store holding their purchases in hotstamped shopping bags. The elegant and classy look of these bags gives the customers’ purchases more perceived value while enhancing brand awareness

Various color choices

Hotstamping is the best solution to get metallic labels in various colors. You can have your logo printed on the shopping bags in options including metallic red, purple, gold, or silver. You can have any color of your choice applied to your packaging with hotstamping. Additionally, you can have your details printed on the shopping bags with various effects to make your bags stand out. 

Dry process

The process of hotstamping shopping bags is dry. It doesn’t involve mixing inks to lessen chances of bleeding and stains. This is a great solution in the food industry where food items need the utmost protection from any contamination. The dry process of hotstamping also encourages cleaner results to enhance the appeal of custom printed shopping bags.

Takes up little space

Quality of packaging affects brand perception but it should not be overdone. This means that your customization effort doesn’t have to overcrowd the substrate. Luckily, hotstamping is a good solution to created branded shopping bags while taking up little space. The best thing is that the imprints stand out to enhance brand awareness without compromising the quality of your customization effort. 

Longer lasting 

Finally, it is very important to ensure that the details on your shopping bags are long lasting. This is a good thing since the bags are reusable. Every time the customer uses the bags again, your brand awareness is enhanced if the details are still clear. This is achieved by having the bags hotstamped for its long-lasting results for your design and color regardless of condition. Your company details will always stick to the bags to carry on your promotional campaign for years to come. 


The nature of your store packaging can make or break your business. This is where customizing your shopping bags is a great ideal. With a variety of customization options, hotstamping is a better solution for offering longer lasting results and endless customization options for your packaging.  Hotstamped shopping bags will make customers become more loyal with more perceived value regardless of the actual cost of their purchases.

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