How Yoga Can Help Your Skin Look Pretty

Kriya yoga

Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro | Yoga has become the best way of being healthy and happy. This 4000 years old process is the best help to find the physical health and mental peace. There are different types of yoga and you need to find out in which you are interested the most. Yoga allows you to find an internal connection and make you more disciplined in your life.

You might doing yoga from a long time and now feel that you can be a yoga teacher. But for being a yoga teacher you need to learn it from someone who is experienced in this field. So you need to find a teacher before you start teaching yoga to others. It is always preferred to join a yoga teacher training program to make you good enough to be a teacher. Here are some tips to remember regarding yoga teacher training.


  • Decide which style attracts you: – There are different types of yoga that can be learnt like hot, yin, acro, hatha, vinyasa and power yoga. It can be a intimate process to decide which is the best for you to learn. So go with a style to which you are comfortable and familiar. You can ask for help from your teacher also.
  • Attend the Classes regularly: – Being regular should be the first rule of joining the training. Regularity shows discipline and this is something that is very useful in learning yoga. If you adopt discipline in your life than you can be a good teacher and will pass it on to your students in future.
  • Manage your Time well: – You need to manage your time well. To become a successful teacher you need to maintain balance between classes, session, labs to study, yourself practice and rest time. So plan your day in well manner.  With proper management of time you can avoid confusion and feeling of being hectic.
  • Don’t force your body: – Yoga is a smooth process. You can not be a perfectionist overnight. So do the practice as much as you can easily. Do not force yourself to do it beyond your limit. You should increase your limits smoothly. You need to understand that your body need rest too. So practice often but make your body relax too.
  • Have Balanced Diet: – Once you start yoga teacher training you must plan your diet well. You need to have a balanced diet and take care of what you are eating. Besides eating you must consider your drinks also. Do not go for hard and high calories drinks. You can eat your high calories or heavy food once in a week but not more than that. Well maintained balanced diet will help your body to be energetic and healthy.


By following all the above tips you will complete your yoga teacher training successfully. Another important tip is to select appropriate teacher for you. Choose a person who is experienced enough to teach you things in right way. Do some research and only then join a training program and enjoy this outstanding process of being a Yoga Teacher.

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