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Negosentro.com | Writing an Irresistible Business Proposal | One of the most significant business papers that you would probably do is a business proposal. This kind of report should be appealing to help you to close deals with huge clients and earn a substantial amount of profit in the long run. It looks like it is easy to work on it but you might be startled at how many revisions you should do to finish it perfectly. 

Here are the seven tips that can guide you to create an irresistible business proposal that will increase the likelihood of closing deals with enormous clients.

  • Think of your target audience.

When you are writing your proposal, you must consider who your audience is. Write it in simple, clear, and concise wordings. Do not use complicated terms that may compromise your report. Use only a few words that will not turn off the potential investors and clients. Do not use acronyms and other complicated concepts and focus on writing an outstanding report that will attract and close the deal to your prospective clients. 

  • Go around with the 10-20-30 rule.

Are you working on a multimedia presentation upon introducing your proposal? If the answer is yes, you should make sure that you will do this right to make more deals. Most experts believe that the 10-20-30 rule should be followed. Meaning, you should simply make 10 slides that can be presented within 20 minutes with a font size of 30. This is a great idea because it will guide you on how you should deliver your report creatively in a short period. 

  • Establish a clear mission statement.

If you are not sure how to start, you can begin by creating an appealing mission statement. This statement should be bold and understandable. It will explain who you are and what you are offering. Preferably, the mission statement should be placed on the first part of your presentation and report. Keep in mind that it should be understandable, detailed, and defines the goals and objectives of your company.

  • Always be one step ahead.

This is a simple rule yet, many companies are overlooking it. If you want to produce an impressive business proposal, you should plan. Do not rush your report at the last minute since it will give you a high risk of not closing your deals with potential investors. Normally, you’ll find a hard time how you will arrange your report. It is suggested that you should gather your team and do a brainstorming of ideas when accomplishing your report. In this step, it will assure you that all different ideas of your team are considered in associating the company’s vision to your business proposal.

  • Always consider that there is a possible risk.

Upon presenting your proposal, clients want you to be as honest as possible. Do not only show the advantages but also present the disadvantages. As all investors know that there is always a risk when dealing with a prospect client relationship. You should present more advantages as possible but the probable barriers that may arise should also be determined. This will help potential investors to choose if they want to be associated with your company in a long time.

  • Show several examples.

In presenting a business proposal, you should cite a lot of examples. One step to catch the attention of your potential clients is to avoid telling only what’s on your report text by text. You should also give actual examples based on experience from your prior projects and clients you have worked with previously. This will demonstrate your experience on how you will handle your business relationship with your prospective clients in case you have close the deal.

  • Be familiar with your industry.

During and after your presentation, expect that there will be more questions that will be thrown by the prospective investors. Always be prepared to answer their questions. If by any chance, you can’t answer or they are not satisfied with your answer, you can put in danger the chances of closing the deal. To prevent this from happening, you should familiarize yourself with the industry you are working with. Attend relevant training, seminars, and always be updated on the latest news and trends in your industry for the reason that it can make a huge effect in making a deal with prospective clients.

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