Working remotely versus working in an office

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via | Working remotely versus working in an office | Remote work is feasible nowadays, especially when you are working for an IT Company. There are many benefits for the employee and company if they work remotely, compared to when they work in an office space. Both have its benefits, but it is an excellent debate on the topic of how effective will the company when they will hire remote workers vs working in an office. The best solution would probably be to combine the two options.

Most Common Questions

Many people doubt if it’s desired for companies to give work to their employees at home. Will they be more productive compared to working in an office? How will a company face communication issues and are video conferences a good alternative? How much money is saved?

These are all the questions that an individual wants to know. But in short, we will discuss all the advantages to work in an office versus working online from home.

National University Singapore did significant research, and Professor Richard Arvey analyzed that there are some doubts about working online. Moreover, as CEO of the company, you will face more challenges in video conferencing, and you have to manage your time in a more better way. According to Richard: “Face to Face interaction and meetings are a way better form of communication.”

For this problem you should use a free rental offices website so that you can find your office space easily and according to your requirements and needs.

Face to Face Discussions & Meetings

This is a valid point that your employees will feel more comfortable and be more productive in a specific environment. Sometimes, employees don’t have a suitable space to work from home. On the other hand, an employee in an office will do more face to face discussions with their team leaders and save time in emailing and calls. Non-verbal communication is also very important.

Pros of Traditional Offices

There are many advantages of physical offices, where the teams sit next to each other, do plenty of business meetings, and discussions face to face. For a team leader, it will be easy to take a look at each employee and check performances daily. Yeah! It’s right: there are still some areas where physical offices need to fix those issues. On the other hand, for a team leader, it will easier to motivate the team and to build a relationship.

Benefits of coworking spaces

When you have extra space in the office, there are many benefits of creating a co-working space, and you can share the space with the freelancers who are working as an individual. People who are in the same industry can get flexibly rent the space for a good price. This is feasible when you have some extra space left. This will give you more flexibility to scale up and down in space. If we take a look at the cons, then this co-working space can disturb the environment of your office. You may need to manage it properly. 

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