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Work-Life Balance — 7 Tips to Handle Your Job When Studying Online

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A student’s life is challenging; making it hard to balance work and study commitments. Though it comes with certain benefits, you must equip yourself for the tough times to achieve your goals.

Striking an ideal balance between work and study has been a constant challenge for many people around the globe. The expression work-life balance is quite a descriptive one; it involves maneuvering of workplace stress with the routine pressure of family, friends, and studies.

With the growing financial strain on many families, most people opt to study part-time instead of enrolling full-time. So, it becomes difficult to coordinate their studying and their careers.

Why Work-Life Balance is Important

There is no denying the fact that handling a full-time job and school requires a high level of planning and prioritization. A study revealed that three-fourths of the students in the U.K have a part-time job to supplement their financing plan with student loans. And 27% of the students stated that they did not have enough money on hand, which was negatively affecting their grades.

So, the only way to survive at a university is by getting a job at the same time. Your job yields you money for your fundamental needs and plays a pivotal role in the fulfillment of emotional obligations. For this, learning money management skill for students is a definite must. The more money you make today, the less you will have to borrow tomorrow. This provides a valuable experience to the students in the long run.

Successful people are the ones who work full-time while studying online and learning to balance the two early on.

Tips to Handle Your Job When Studying Online

Working tirelessly round the clock causes stress, poor health, and burnout. On the contrary, try to achieve an ideal work-life balance. Here’s how:

Create Your Own Clock

It is highly advisable to use a diary to keep track of how you spend your entire working hours. It is an excellent idea to bifurcate these hours in different buckets like work, family, chores, and fun. Once these bifurcations are made, then categorize their importance levels. Make a circle with different sections representing each bucket.

Use a planner to help plan out different meetings at various intervals of day and month.

Mark future academic and professional commitments on a single calendar. Plan for sudden -work crises as well as last-minute overtime requests. Keep in mind to block off enough study time so you can adjust if necessary.

Make A Proactive & Smart Study Plan

If you want to have both academic and career success, then excellent planning is necessary. An overview of your daily, weekly, and monthly studying activities will help you feel in charge of the situation, monitor your progress, and even act as a reminder to stick to your study goals.

It is not as complicated as many would think. Simply start by printing out the study program for the whole semester, with the necessary details about every course, and their assignments. Then craft your own plan of study based on key program dates.

It is crucial to refresh regularly and charge-up for each new work week; you shouldn’t cram a lot of study time during the week.

Pick the Topic That Interests You

If you want to stay focused on the course with full zeal, then you need to be mighty sensible in picking the most-fitting online courses. You should not commit yourself to a topic that doesn’t inspire you a great deal.

It becomes amazingly more natural if you are studying something that interests you. If you love what you are learning, then it is likely that you’ll dig out time for your study.

It becomes less of a burden when you are learning about your passion, and when your passion becomes your source of income, it’s like icing on the cake.

Make Effective Use of Your Commute

Typically, the time spent commuting is not very productive. And unless you work from home, most can expect to endure at least a 20-minute or longer commute.

Take advantage of the morning or afternoon drive and devote it to your studies. This is still a new concept as not many do this. But here are some of the ways you can use your commuting time to your advantage:

  • Download audio files of your lectures, and listen to them while you drive
  • Record yourself reading your lecture notes out loud and play them back on the radio
  • If you use public transportation, make yourself flashcards to test your knowledge

Don’t Forget to Take Time Out for Yourself

The worst thing you can do is ignore yourself. You should always take out time for yourself, whether this means spending time with friends, visiting family, or taking out time to relax by yourself. It is immensely important for your wellbeing to have some time away from work and school.

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Once you are done with school and work, be sure to find a way to treat yourself and refresh your mind. This simple advice may not act as a magic wand and melt all your stress away but can help you balance that hectic schedule.

It is vital to give yourself a good break from time to time. You are already a superhero, with both working and studying at the same time.

Be Realistic

Living in fool’s paradise pays no dividends.

One of the advantages of distance learning study is that you can stretch out your degree over a passage of time. In case you’re working full-time, it is better to take things slowly, by on-boarding lesser courses per year.

Be aware of your abilities and try to be honest with yourself.

Get Good Sleep

There are numerous benefits of getting adequate sleep, from maintaining a reliable immune system to enhancing mood. Unfortunately, people don’t recognize the importance of this aspect of health. A study revealed  that good sleep can improve concentration and performance of people, by increasing their productivity.

In the modern world, we get so entrenched in our professional setup that the high amount of stress and mega workload keeps us away from getting the required amount of sleep.

The Bottom Line

Juggling work and online study can be a tricky balancing act. Online classes enable you to spread your study pattern over a relatively long period, but it also provides you with the ability to carry on your job. There is no doubt whatsoever that living both student and professional life can be tough; it can induce a lot of strain on your personal life. Then again, intelligent people convert this strain into motivation and get amazing results.

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