Woeful Work Trends – 5 of the Worst Work Trends to Arise in Recent Years

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Woeful Work Trends – 5 of the Worst Work Trends to Arise in Recent Years | In recent years, inclusion and diversity in the workplace have been given more and more prominence, with many companies overhauling outdated policies and welcoming in a more diverse workforce.  

Of course, not all new work trends have been this positive. It’s important to assess new work habits and attitudes as they emerge to determine which ones are worth keeping and which we should steer away from. The following five troublesome trends fit into the latter category. 

1. The problem of endless connection

Mobile phones have developed to the point that they’re now fully functioning mini computers. Though this gives us a lot of power in our pockets, it has also thrown some new responsibilities and temptations our way. 

Perhaps it starts because you sent an important email to a client, and you’re anxious to check on their response. You log on to your work email outside of work hours to check the response, and before you know it, this has become a habit. 

Though it comes with many advantages, modern technology also blurs the lines between work life and home life. For many people, this has resulted in a blowout of their work-life balance. 

2. Perks masquerading as meaning

While it may be fun to have a pool table in the office or free drinks on Fridays, it’s important to realize that these perks cannot make up for things like unpaid overtime or undue pressure being placed on employees. 

Perks are a great way to create a happy environment in a workplace that’s already providing everything employees need to thrive. However, if your employer is using free meals or massage breaks to encourage you to sacrifice your morals or upend your work-life balance, that’s a problem. 

3. Gig work is a double-edged sword

The gig economy freed many people up to work in a more flexible way that suited their lifestyle, and it came with many other wonderful benefits. However, this new work trend has its dark side too. Gig workers generally have no job security and no benefits. This forces many to work longer hours and accept lower-paid gigs just to ensure they have enough money to survive. 

The gig economy is here to stay, and its benefits are undeniable. However, anxiety is high among gig workers, and the darker aspects of this work trend must be addressed. 

4. Personal branding doesn’t suit everyone

As social media rose to prominence, it affected more than just our social lives. The business world soon jumped on the bandwagon, and now your social media presence can impact your work life in various ways. We’ve all seen people fall victim to cancel culture after posting something unsavory online. However, there are more insidious effects than this. Introverts, for example, may not wish to broadcast their lives to the world. However, failing to have a “personal brand” can be problematic in many career paths.  

5. Job interviews got weird

Enough companies have fallen for this trend that it has become a point of frustration for many job seekers. They share their annoyance on sites like Reddit that allow people to vent anonymously about anything, including job interview questions. Some of the worst offenders include, “How many windows are in New York?” and “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?”

Though these work trends may be problematic, none of them are permanent. They are simply side-effects of the rapid pace of our technological evolution. By identifying and analyzing them, we can correct course and ensure we’re on track for a more inclusive and logically designed workforce that values work-life balance.

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