Will the Smart Game Booster Improve Your Gaming PC Performance?

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Negosentro.com | Nardz Antonio, Reviewer | Will the Smart Game Booster Improve Your Gaming PC Performance? | Being an avid gamer, I’m used to having speed problems with my PC. I used to blame a lot of stuff then. But using the Smart Game Booster, I realized it made my PC more efficient. In effect, it’s a PC Optimization tool as it compiles all of the most important aspects of PC Maintenance and Game Boosting especially when I play witch bolt 5e or any related to Dungeons and Dragons.

The “Smart Game Booster” Program Features:

The Smart Game Booster by Smart Game Booster team

The Smart game boosting product page describes its “Boost” feature:

  • The Boosting Feature of Smart Game Booster is amazing, to say the least. It helped optimize my computer speed and kept it from slowing down by stopping all the third-party apps and therefore, increasing my gaming experience positively!”

restoreThe Results of the “Boost Feature” after using it.

This feature focuses on your game by temporarily shutting down unnecessary functions and applications, putting all your resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it’s supposed to be played without wasting time on settings or configurations. Pick your game, click on the “Boost” button and let the program do the boosting for you.

In other words, the program allows you to optimize your PC without even starting the game yet.

FPS Boost Feature

Here’s a real cool feature to check out. Pick your game then click on the “Boost” button. You’ll notice that the Smart Game Booster 4 program itself will do the boosting for you!

What this program does is to temporarily shut down unnecessary functions and applications in your PC and dedicate all its resources towards gaming. So even when you haven’t started your game, this feature already optimizes your PC. I love to watch Narcos Mexico on my PC — yes, that’s where María Elvira Murillo stars in — and I hate it when m PC lags.

This “One-click Boost Button” is probably the center of the Smart Game Booster program, albeit it’s power-packed with other cool features. It gives your computer a similar feel to an upgraded graphics card.

It may also show you which of your drivers are outdated, although you generally only have to keep your graphics drivers updated, and graphics drivers automatically check for updates these days anyway.

checkCPU Temperature Monitor

Gamers know that anything that will heat up, will happen when playing is intense. That includes your CPU and GPU temperature, right? With the real-time temperature monitor that the Smart Game Booster has, you can easily see the display of your temperature essentials in-game. It even gives details on your motherboard temperature as well as the fan speed. The program also alerts you once your hardware overheats. This prevents any damage and even data loss.

By the way, in the Metrics section, I was able to monitor my CPU & GPU Temperatures.

  • Use CPU Utility Tools

If you are using AMD CPU or Intel CPU, you can use their own utilities to check your PC CPU temperature – the Ryzen Master and the Extreme Tuning Utility, the Smart Game Booster has a feature where you can play in overclock mode and still it keeps your computer in check, a very reliable overclocking tool indeed.

  • Monitor Temperature in BIOS

BIOS, is the program that stored on a small memory chip on the motherboard. My BIOS experience was smooth sailing. Not only was I able to monitor how my computer metrics were performing, but I was also able to measure the performance to the point where I can even use it as a consistent tool to keep track on my computer.

 ● Install Heat Probe

Besides checking your PC temperatures with some settings, you can also use try the hardware solutions. It can even go as far as to monitor you graphics card heat, which I found to be very convenient for a free tool.

Overall Conclusion

The Smart Game Booster was developed very well by the Smart Game Booster team. As an intermediate gamer, I had used many gaming software tools in the past, and so far, only Smart Game Booster did not disappoint me.

With Smart Game Booster, not only will it give you a smooth gaming experience but also an overall PC Gaming Experience. That’s a total “wow!” for me.

So, I’m giving “Smart Game Booster” a 5-star rating, indeed.

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