Why Your Company Should Use Renewable Energy

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Negosentro.com | Why Your Company Should Use Renewable Energy | Many businesses these days are making the switch to renewable energy. With climate change being a paramount priority for governments around the world, corporations and individuals alike are rushing to figure out how they can become a part of this growing future trend. A lot of people are still undecided about whether or not they should put financial resources into renewable energy technologies. Here are the three most powerful reasons why you and your company should consider investing in a renewable future.

It Can Save You Money

How switching to renewable sources will affect the bottom line is at the forefront of most business leaders’ decisions about adopting green energy technologies. It’s true that changing your source of power will require money to accomplish, especially if you intend to go off the grid entirely. However, it’s also true that traditional energy costs are continuing to rise. What this means is that going energy independent, even just in part, it blunts the cost of the increase, thus actually saving money over the long term. Even better news is that the cost of buying solar panels is continuing to plummet, having decreased by over 60% in less than a decade. Part of the reason why renewable energy technology is such a good investment is that it’s flexible. There are different options for sustainable power based on both locale and the level of individual need. Solar cells are being made more efficient all the time, expanding the range of situations in which they can be used.

When considering energy choices, don’t forget that the federal as well as many state and local governments offer incentive programs for both individuals and businesses. Solar energy specifically is the target of many of these initiatives. As of 2020, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a 26% tax credit for solar panel installation covering most residential and commercial properties. Other incentives will vary by municipality, so find out what your local government is doing to help. If you have a home business, going renewable could pay even more dividends through increased property value in some states like California.

It’s Healthy for the Planet

There’s no doubt that the choice of renewable energy is beneficial to the planet as a whole. Using power sources which don’t produce greenhouse gases literally gives the world breathing room in regards to adapting to human changes. A recent International Energy Outlook report shows that over the next 30 years global energy consumption is expected to increase by about 50%. Energy production and industrial processes currently make up 56% of total greenhouse gas emissions according to recent research. If we don’t do anything, our grandchildren’s world might end up looking quite different from our own. Businesses have a golden opportunity to lead the way in being a force for change in a world that desperately needs forward-thinking doers.

It’s a Great Look for Your Company

Whatever your position is on the global warming crisis and how best to deal with it, there’s no denying that the average American really does care greatly about working for a cleaner future. As divisive as the issue appears to be when you read the vitriolic arguments about it in online comments sections, a recent poll suggests that around two-thirds of Americans are indeed concerned about our changing climate. Even more fascinating is that the same percentage of North Americans overall were shown by yet another survey to actively prefer buying from eco-friendly companies. Putting your business on a sustainable path is more than just some fleeting fashion; the move is seen by a majority of people as a reflection of your corporate ethics and vision. Care is clearly in demand.

Whether you’re thinking about investing in renewable energy because you care about the world, or whether you’re just considering it for financial reasons, this has never been a better time to invest in renewable power. Do your research, crunch the numbers and figure out which energy option is best for you, your company and the future.

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