Why You Should Display Social Media on Digital Signage

Why You Should Display Social Media on Digital Signage

Why You Should Display Social Media on Digital Signage | Using social media on digital signage helps you in improving the guest experience as well as increase engagement. Here are some reasons why you should display social media on digital signage.

Digital Signages have become an integral part of marketing and communication and almost every brand or business uses digital signage for its promotion and advertising purposes. 

However, it is quite challenging to make the audience acknowledge these attractive screens. 

To grasp more attention from your audience, it is mandatory to display content that is captivating and engaging enough and we can think of no better content than social media. 

Why Must Brands Use Social Media On Digital Signage?

Surveys suggest that the social media users reach is around 4.33 billion people all across the globe which makes social media a vast pool of content. 

Moreover, now that digital signage has emerged as the ultimate tool for marketing purposes, integrating social media on digital signage can help your brand tremendously in improving your marketing game. 

Keep reading as we have highlighted a few major points that make it necessary for a brand to display its social media content on digital signage. 

  • Boosts Your Social Proof 

As mentioned above, social media is an enormous pool of valuable content, especially of User-Generated Content i.e.- the content created by your users who post some content around your brand. 

Social media is a platform where people freely share their feedback and opinions on various issues including brand products. 

To make your users view your brand as genuine, trustworthy, and reliable, you can attain so by displaying User-Generated content on digital signage to build social proof of your brand. 

Displaying hashtag feed or the content uploaded by your loyal customers mentioning your brand on digital signage will immediately grab the attention of your potential customers and motivate them to become involved with your brand. 

Bonus – More than 90% of people rely on UGC or product recommendations from other customers much more than the brand’s promotional content since they tend to trust other customers more than the brand itself! 

  • For Displaying Live Hashtag Campaigns With Immediate Display 

Hashtags and hashtag campaigns have become a rather common sight on most social media platforms. 

Since these campaigns are active only on social media platforms, the reach of the campaign becomes limited. 

Displaying live hashtag campaigns with an instant display on digital signage can further amplify the reach of the campaign and give you better results. 

Apart from magnifying reach, it can broaden visibility, engagement levels, and even conversions! 

The instant display feature can be a huge motivating factor for your audience to participate in the campaign since everyone loves getting featured on a screen! 

  • Increase Engagement By Gamification & Entertainment 

Digital signages are mostly placed strategically by brands where people are mostly idle like waiting rooms, receptions, etc. 

In such situations, you must leverage digital signage to increase their engagement by gamification or some other way of entertainment. 

Displaying information as giveaways or contest alerts can seamlessly engage the viewers. You can even utilize digital signage for showing your customers reviews and testimonials to make the audience more confident about your brand. This is a more humanized approach towards marketing and the viewers would see your brand as fun and friendly.

  • For Growing Your Social Media Following 

Gone are the days when messages like ‘Follow Us On Instagram’ or ‘Contact us on Facebook to know more about our products would work and help you increase your followers. 

In the modern digital age, integrating your social media profile on digital signage is just what you require. Once your audience sees your brand as engaging and entertaining, they would be compelled to log in to their social media account, visit your page, and hit the follow button!

  • Gain More Loyal Customers 

According to researchers, the main reason why successful businesses succeed is that they engage with their audience. Engaging with customers is key!

Since digital signage is exclusively designed for increasing communication and engagement, utilizing it is a must. 

Increased engagement leaves a long-lasting impact on your audience and converts your potential customers into existing customers and your existing customers into your loyal customers. 

Additionally, there is nothing more valuable for a brand than loyal customers, and displaying social media on digital signage will help you in attaining a customer base. 

Summing It Up

In the entire digital ecosystem, social media plays an extremely vital and important role and the traditional ways of advertising do not really help much. 

While ending the blog, we are sure that you must have understood the importance of displaying social media on digital signage. 

Social media on digital signage significantly increases the participation and engagement level of the audiences. Moreover, it gives you a chance to drive in more conversions and maximize your profits. 

Digital signage is without a doubt the future of advertising and marketing and if you are not making use, then we highly recommend you to start it right away to stay ahead in the marketing game and improve your visibility! 

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