Why vCloudPoint Is a Worthy Alternative to Your Current VDI Zero Client

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Negosentro.com | Why vCloudPoint Is a Worthy Alternative to Your Current VDI Zero Client | Many companies have come to see the importance of engaging a VDI for their computing services, and the reasons for that are not far-fetched. From being able to process faster than they could on a PC to the other benefits which these clients bring to the table, it is a no-brainer for any IT department.

However, the big issue stems from a shortage of these clients in the market, creating tight spaces that are stifling the excellent work that these clients should have been doing. 

Then, there comes the introduction of the vCloudPoint VDI client to remedy the situation.

What is the vCloudPoint VDI client?

If you know what a VDI client does in the first place, you already have the first foot in the door as to what this is. The good news, though, is how vCloudPoint takes all the strong points of an average VDI client and implements them while also eliminating the weak zones that have been common with the already available ones in the market. 

vCloudPoint is blessed with the ability to run on multiple platforms and carry additional software with it. This functionality is not the same for other options that have little configuration out of the box, restricting them to only what they have been pre-programmed to handle.

At the same time, these options cost more. The same is true for the likes of the PCoIP zero client, which comes with an inbuilt Teradici chip. On its own, the chip is relatively expensive, driving up the price of the zero clients at the same time. Unfortunately, that does not mean it supplies the same performance which vCloudPoint brings to the table at a lesser price point.

Proponents of the RDP zero client might also want to consider the poor performance they get on this client. All of that can be tuned to a thing of the past when a new client solution is used.

So, what makes vCloudPoint better?

The best features of this VDI client are highlighted in how it is not bound to any one platform. It allows companies and firms to make use of the extra processing power and storage space in a wider variety of platforms than before. 

Furthermore, vCloudPoint is a better option from a price standpoint due to its inclusion of a supporting vmatric management system software. This add-on makes it possible for the zero client to be run in any PC supporting Windows software, and for free.

All of these are additional to the on-board remote display protocol.

Speaking of storage above, we mean that both literally and figuratively. That is more reason why this client is referred to as an ultra-thin client. Because it allows for the stacking of multiple units to get them even better processing power and more options without worrying about the use of space.

Make The Switch Today

Offering better value for money, taking the stress out of multiple platform management, and still having the size on its side, there is no reason why you should not switch to the zero client solution offered by vCloudPoint today. The question should not be whether or not you will make the switch, but when you will.

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