Why Team Building Activities Can Improve Company Morale

Team Building Teamwork

Whether your business is small or operates as a large corporate, there is no getting away from the need to have good symbiotic relationships within your company. This often means teamwork in some form or another. All companies should consider doing team building activities at least once a year to encourage creativity and growth amongst individuals working towards a common goal.

Team Building Equals Better Team Work

Team building experiences can create better teamwork situations as such activities involve group skills, such as better communication and better bonding with each other, which will translate into them being a better team at the office. Consider outdoor team building activities as being away from the office can be just as productive as meeting deadlines indoors. People love to get outdoors and out of the office for a change of pace and scenery; this can easily be helped along by doing team building outdoors or in a different venue.

Team-building programs outside can also improve the health and overall wellbeing of the team members that participate, which means a win-win scenario. The success of most organisations will depend on the ability of individuals to build effective teams and this can be tested and improved upon with good team building activities.

Team building activities are designed to motivate employees to use individual strengths to contribute to the team’s success. Activities outdoors can develop trust, cooperation, and effective communication which are the pillars of a team’s success in the office. 

Introvert Team Building Activities

The world is made up of many different personality types. No two people are alike in the exact same way. Introverts or those with social phobias and anxiety may not want to partake in team building exercises and their needs should still be accommodated.

You would need to think outside the box in these circumstances, but still encourage a team building exercise that would suit their personality types, making them feel part of the team. 

To avoid absenteeism or excuses for team building activities, indicate ahead of time that those who are not comfortable in team situations can still participate. Think of online activities which they can do alongside each other or add an element of puzzle building into the experience.

Team Building Attendance 

As far as possible, companies should always choose a working day to arrange and participate in team building activities or days. Most individuals will not sacrifice their personal or family time to attend company activities, which they will see as perhaps unnecessary or a waste of time.

Always choose an activity that will include as many people as possible. Consider disabilities and personality types when choosing an exercise. By including as many people as possible, you are setting the tone of how teamwork should work and leading by example.

Attend the activity and build it up over a few weeks to entice and motivate your employees to join in on the fun. After all, team building can translate into team excellence and great team morale after a day spent together outdoors.

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