Why switching to a minimalist front pocket wallet will eliminate lower back pain

front pocket wallet

Up to 85 percent of the Americans suffer some form of back pain at one point in their life. And sometimes, they know what causes it – and not lifting with their knees. The commonest cause of the low back pain is the large bulky wallets you carry in your back pocket – not the Kinzd front pocket wallet. The low back pain associated with back-pocket wallets is more common and has many nicknames such as wallet neuropathy, hip-pocket syndrome and the Costanza Wallet Syndrome.

Each time you sit down on the overstuffed wallet, you will be twisting your hips, distorting your posture, putting pressure on the spine and misaligning it. Another thing that the huge wallet can do is put more pressure on your piriformis muscle, which will then aggravate the sciatic never and cause sciatica.

Perhaps, the doctor has advised you to keep the billfold out of the back pocket. After that, you will have to get a slim wallet that you can carry in your jacket or front pockets of your pants. Such a wallet will also be a great thing for your clothes and style. In fact, a front pocket wallet will keep your documents and cash out of harm because pickpockets and thieves will have an easier time accessing your back pocket, and it can be hard to notice them.

Up to this point, women might think that they are off the hook. However, purses can also cause low back pain. The heavy bag you carry each day on your shoulder or tote by your side will do several things on your vertebrae after it has twisted you into an unnatural direction. You are likely to go for a massage, but you do not need it.

A fat wallet in your front-pocket can also cause back pain, manufacturers are now designing slim and minimalist wallets, which are front-pocket ready. Even though they have half the thickness of the back pocket wallets, they can hold the same items you carry with the large bifold.

The prevention methods

After sciatica has reached a chronic state, the low back pain might become debilitating therefore necessitating chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or even surgery to treat. The best news is that you can change a few personal habits to prevent sciatica. Some of the things you can do to prevent the condition include:

– Dump the bulky back pocket wallet and buy a front pocket wallet

– Limit your sitting to 30 minutes, including when working on your desk. You can time the restroom and coffee breaks so that you can move your thighs and hips.

– Tuck your tail. Use the pelvic tilt workout to keep the hips in a good position to eliminate any stress on the nerves.

– Too much of anything is poisonous. Therefore, you have to vary your workouts. If your workouts involve running, you have to swim at least once a week. If you like lifting weights, try cardio too.

The nerves in your low back coordinate and control the large and strong muscles in your body, which are the core, buttocks, legs and the back. Putting more pressure on them for several hours each day will trigger sciatica. To prevent the problem, pay attention to how you are carrying your wallet and purse. To avoid the high chiropractic bills, go for a simple or minimalist wallet, you can find them on Carrywallet.

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