Why Studying for your MBA Part Time Might Be the Better Way

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When it comes to choosing the right MBA degree, students have a number of important choices to take into consideration. The first of these considerations should be whether or not to study full or part time as one experience is vastly different from the other.

A part time MBA degree offers several distinct benefits to consider. The first is career acceleration. A parttime program makes the most sense for prospective students who currently have a job in a field they find stimulating and rewarding. If you have the diligence and dedication to complete your degree while working in business or finance, you have found a surefire way to accelerate career progression in your chosen field — but you need to make some sound decisions along the way.

Part time study is also considerably less expensive, as you are not only receiving a steady pay cheque to help cover tuition, but some companies will even help you cover some or all of your academic costs, if you promise to stay on after graduation.

Part time study also allows you to maintain family and other social responsibilities. Mature students should consider this route if family responsibilities make it impractical to remove oneself completely from the field for two years to study full time.

Attending parttime at a school like the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics will not force you to relocate, as they have a convenient satellite campus located in downtown Toronto in the SunLife Centre. If you live and work on Bay Street, not only will you not have to leave your job to attend, but you won’t have to hire movers either.

Finally, pursuing a part-time MBA allows you to apply new knowledge at your place of work. Part-timers have the opportunity to apply the concepts they are learning in the classroom on the job the next day. In this way, the work environment becomes much like a lab, allowing the coursework to be applied pragmatically, increasing the overall relevance of each lesson.

Of course, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance while you study and continue to work at the same time, so be sure to choose a flexible program, with classes offered on Saturdays and in the evenings. At the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, candidates have guaranteed time off on Sundays and during the summer months of July and August, allowing for quality time with friends or loved ones.

Through part-time study, students also have the opportunity to specialize in one of 10 different streams including entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, accounting, human resources management, supply chain management and more.

Further, the program’s smaller class sizes encourage and empower students to make meaningful and lasting connections to help them cultivate tomorrow’s business relationships.

It’s important to maintain a healthy working balance of domestic, social, professional, and academic responsibilities while pursuing an MBA. Because you’ll be putting so much time and effort into balancing a number of demands at once, it pays to find an academic institution that will support you in your goals.

When deciding on which type of program to attend and at which school, prospective students should do their research and find a program that works for their busy schedules and offers them flexibility where and when they need it.