Why Shoppable Content Is the Most Important Marketing Tactic in 2020 & Beyond?

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Negosentro.com | Why Shoppable Content Is the Most Important Marketing Tactic in 2020 & Beyond? | In this digital era, it’s easier to increase the popularity of your business by aiming for a large audience at a time. When it comes to the online sphere, content is said to be the king. 

That is why marketers have focused on content marketing for their business using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

One of the buzzwords of the marketing industry at present is ‘Shoppable Content’ that has grabbed the attention of both the marketers and social media audiences. 

This kind of content aims to shorten the buying journey of users as well as offer them a seamless shopping experience that boosts sales.

In this blog, we will highlight what is Shoppable Content and what are its benefits. So let’s get started!

Shoppable Content- What is it?

Overshadowing the traditional online ways of shopping, ‘Shoppable Content’ is the way through which people shop in the new era. It refers to the visual content that directs to the product pages via the link.

Instagram is said to be the hub of Shoppable Content as the audience engagement is higher on this platform as compared to other social media platforms.

With the introduction of Shoppable content, customers can buy the product easily just by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ option, instead of searching & adding the products in the cart.

If put shoppable content turns the point of inspiration into a point of sale. This is why brands and businesses are too mastering the art of Shoppable Content on various social media platforms as a form of social commerce.

Reasons Why Shoppable Content is the Need of the Era

  1. Drives Sales

When it comes to Shoppable content, the first step in the process of selling on social media platforms like Instagram are Shoppable Tags. These easy to set up tags contain information about the product you want to sell.

The ‘Shop Now’ interface of these tags allows the customers to open the product to be purchased. So, now it’s pretty clear that the more customers will click on the Shoppable tags, the more it will drive sales for your business.

2. Build Direct Line of Transaction Between Brand and Customers

Gone are the days when brands couldn’t reach their target audience. Now by leveraging shoppable content, brands can build a personal connection with the customers and get the opportunity to know them better. 

For instance, you can get an idea about what your customers want, what they hate or like, what gets their attention in your product and more.

3. Makes you the Storyteller for Your Brand  

Every good marketer is capable of being a storyteller. So, to create visually appealing shoppable content, you need to showcase the art of storytelling. For this, you can create a narrative within your Shoppable content. 

Especially brands like beauty, arts & crafts, furniture, food and so on have the power to market themselves by creating a meaningful story. 

Keep brainstorming for new ideas for your story and weave stories that represent your eCommerce brand in the most authentic way.

4. Encourages Engagement

Make shoppable content a part of your marketing strategy to catch the attention of your customers. This will help in encouraging audience engagement on your website naturally and uniquely. 

5. Decrease Barriers to Buying Journey

Shoppable content is the modern way of buying & selling good and services. Therefore, it decreases the challenges faced by the retailers and eCommerce brands such as encouraging a customer to make a purchase. 

It takes the load of too much choice or a selection from the customer’s mind. Also, this form of content not only inspire but also educate customers to make a quick purchase from any brand.

In short, shoppable content diminishes the barriers that come in the process of buying journey of customers. 

Social commerce platforms helps in driving conversions & growth in 3 simple steps:

  • Collect Visually Appealing Content

With the help of social commerce platforms, you can easily curate the most engaging content of all types via hashtag, mentions, tags or profiles of your brand from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Curate Visual Shoppable Gallery

By tagging information like images, pricing, details, checkout link, etc. to the shoppable content, you can make the social media posts shoppable. 

You can also moderate the content to showcase the freshest and relevant user-generated content in your Shoppable gallery.

  • Embed the UGC Gallery 

Lastly, you can embed the shoppable UGC gallery anywhere on your website. With the help of the shoppable galleries, you can easily drive sales, conversions, and engagement in your eCommerce business. 


Once you get your hands dirty by shifting your focus to shoppable content, you don’t have to look back. Keep pushing the limits or your business by grabbing new marketing opportunities like Shoppable Content. 

But this is not the end as there are more of them so keep an eye on the constantly changing marketing paradigms in future.

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