Why is Data Back-Up Critical for any Business?

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Cybercrime, hacks, and malware are on the rise nowadays. Most of the businesses store data in digital form and data loss can have a major setback for them. The consequences of data loss can incur a huge loss for the business.

Other than using their work computers, people have started using their smartphones to work when they are on the go. A smartphone is used to access emails and many websites which might contain a virus which can potentially corrupt the entire phone’s data including the data stored in MicroSD card. There are a number of software’s available which can be used to recover files from SD card but we suggest that the prevention of data loss by opting for periodic data back-up is a better option especially when it is about business.

Let us understand why it is important to back-up data.

Simple Mistakes:

Data which are stored digitally is ultimately being handled by the people who are prone to make mistakes. Data deletion is a common mistake many people make. It is quite important to back-up every day’s work onto a server to recover important files when needed.

Malware & Viruses:

With the increase of digital technology, Cyber-criminals are also on the rise. You might open an email which has a virus which deletes all your files. Storing all information in one system and completely depending on it is not right. 

System Crash:

This is quite common. Computers are not 100% safe to store data as there is a possibility of the hard disk to crash. Any big organization will have its own server to store files and not just the computer.

Audits and Taxes Data:

Many companies must face audits where they need to produce previous tax records of many previous years. It is important that these data are safely stored in their server. 

Ease of Compiling Annual reports:

Let’s face it, storing all the data of an investor on a system consumes a lot of space. But such data is required to compile an annual report. Storing such information on the server or the cloud can be advantageous as whenever needed this data can be directly retrieved.

Automatic Backups:

The biggest advantage of network backup is every day at a particular time, all data is backed up. Hence there is no scope of human error.

Helps in Disaster Recovery:

Every organization needs to have a disaster recovery plan which includes network backup. Even if it is a small business, all client’s information, data and document need to be stored in the cloud so that in a scenario where the system crashes, the company does not incur a major loss.

Manageable Storage:

Network storage makes it possible to store all data onto a single server rather than multiple physical storage devices. Many individual storage devices can be quite messy in a working place. There are many complications associated with it. Network storage is a much more scalable option.

We can list down many more reasons why you should backup your data but the most important reason out of all is your peace of mind in the event of a disaster.

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