Why Investing in Your Future is a Smart Move

Advantages of Induction Training in an Organization

As a twenty-something, you have your whole life ahead of you. I bet you have a lucrative career mapped out already, with a seat on the board of some blue chip company that has your name on it. At that age, life is a piece of cake and the whole world is your oyster, but the decisions you make now could affect the rest of your life and if you want to be the person studying for a Six Sigma qualification in ten years’ time, you need to start investing now.

In order to lay the foundations for success, you need to start investing in your future as early as possible. Going to the right college, studying for the right degree, and even making the right friends – all of these things matter and your future success could depend on the decisions you make now.

Once you are in the workplace, the decisions you make are even more important. Sure, you have a first class honor’s degree from Harvard and you were voted the person most likely to succeed when you graduated High School, but unless you act smart in the early days of your career, none of this will matter one bit.

Training and Education

Firstly, never underestimate the value of training and education. Training is the best way to increase productivity. Most large corporations recognize this, which is why they place a great deal of emphasis on regular staff training programs.

Google is one of many companies that recognize the benefits of employee development. They adopt a two-tiered approach, which provides workplace opportunities as well as learning resources. More experienced employees mentor junior staff, who then progress to becoming the mentors. It is an approach that works for many larger companies.

Seek Employment with Forward Thinking Companies

One way to invest in your future is to seek employment with a forward-thinking company such as Google. Most large corporations have cottoned on to the value of investing in human capital. Productivity goes up and employee retention improves. Everyone is a winner.

Prioritize Learning in the Workplace

Another way to invest in your future is to prioritize learning and education. Begin by plotting the best course of study for your career aspirations. This might not necessarily be a college degree – workplace learning such as internships can be just as beneficial.

Once you have entered the workplace, do not forget about education. Continue working hard at improving your existing skills and striving for new ones. Look at online learning opportunities and ask your boss to pay for courses. It should not be too difficult to persuade your boss that investing in your learning benefits both of you.

By investing in your own future, you are far more likely to maximize your earning potential. Employers pay a premium for highly qualified staff. You will also find it easier climb the career ladder if you take every opportunity to continue your professional development. So make learning and education a priority – it really is a smart investment.

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