Why HR Should Have a Resume Service

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It’s possible for the Human Resources (HR) Department to make or break companies because all the hiring decisions are made by them. Job seekers place their fate in their hands. One thing every HR professional know is that, in addition to every job seeker being unique, the same holds true for every resume.

Every resume is going to have personalization according to an individual’s achievements, experience, credentials, education, and career objectives. Therefore, it’s impossible for any resume to follow one single template or standard creation process. As an individual’s career continues to develop, the content on their resume will evolve.

Continuous Updates Mean Consistent Work

Because resumes need constant updates as careers change, this means employee files will need consistent work. For example, if an employee receives a promotion or relocates to another location, then their resume must reflect these changes. It’s for this reason many believe that HR should have a resume service. In addition to making changes to current job statuses, it may not be essential to include information about jobs from ten years ago as it was when you first began your career. New information will be added or edited from your resume regularly to reflect how your career is developing.

Be Strategic with Resume Updates

When making updates to your resume, it’s essential to be strategic and not create an autobiographical summary outlining your past career. Instead, you’re building a document with the intention of marketing your career. Design it in a way that will showcase every qualification you have, as well as position you as a memorable and unique candidate. Using a free resume evaluation service will help you determine if you’ve included enough information to achieve this goal.

Highlight Your Best Assets

What makes you good at your job? What are your strengths? How can this information be highlighted on your resume to your best advantage? While it’s good to highlight your general qualification and responsibilities, it’s better to talk about how well you do these things. Also, talk about your achievements, organizational impacts you’ve had, highlights from your education, and other distinguishable details that help make you unique and stand out from other candidates.

How to Begin Writing Your Resume

HR professionals need to see your name, mobile phone number, email address, and LinkedIn address at the heading of your resume. Your email and LinkedIn links must be live so, when readers click on them, they can use them instantly.

The next step is the creation of a summary with laser-focus. Your resume should communicate immediately not only who are, but also what you want to achieve. You can most effectively accomplish this with a headline like the following:

Digital Marketing Professional: Expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media & ROI

You’re communicating your experience in the above, as well as that you’re targeting a career in that sector. You’re also clearly and concisely introducing yourself in this headline. No matter where you are in your career, a headline is a powerful way of positioning yourself within your target job.

Develop a “Summary” Section

When you create a one or two paragraph, or a bullet list, you’re building a summary section that should include information that makes you unique, qualified, and memorable. These are the qualities that make you strategic. Use this section to differentiate yourself by showcasing an award you’ve won, an honor, a credential, or a presentation. These attributes will help set you apart from other candidates in a positive way.

Don’t Forget Keywords

Resume scanning software utilizes keywords as the foundation of their processes. If your resume isn’t packed with the right keywords, then it won’t pass through the resume scanning system during the application tracking system (ATS) correctly. Therefore, keywords must be included for your hard skills, soft skills, degrees, certifications, affiliations, cities, states, and zip codes.

By following these recommendations, it’s possible to create and continue to develop an excellent resume as your career continues to evolve. Those in the HR profession can also use a resume writing service to help keep their employee files up to date and managed.