Why Do Students Need Computer Protection Glasses?

Computer Protection Glasses
Dry Eye Syndrome Because of Technology Usage

Negosentro.com | Why Do Students Need Computer Protection Glasses? | Computer protection glasses are the ultimate accessory to keep in your pockets. As we all know, students aged between 16 to 25 are one of the largest populations that consume more internet than others. Apart from social media and Netflix, kids also use digital devices for their studies. 

Due to advancement in technology, classes and information are becoming more digitised so that students get a wide world view and understanding about any subject at a single click. Though it’s convenient for many students, it is, however, causing severe damage to their eye health. Kids and students who study using digital devices are experiencing multiple eye problems that are almost unbearable and painful. 

According to the latest report from the Independent, it has been reported that British students spend up to complete 55 hours a week online. Out of 55 hours, 14 hours are given for performing school or university tasks while the other hours are spent on social media and youtube. 

An average student spends almost 4 hours a day online where 2 hours is given for revising or studying while the rest is spent on shopping online and socialising. Video games are also getting popular among students and they have been spending the rest of their time after school or university playing games. 78% of students have admitted that they use the internet for either entertainment, information or social media. The only solution is by utilizing computer screen glasses against future eye damage. 

We understand that digital devices have helped students with a range of information and data that they couldn’t get elsewhere but it does come with its negative effect. Students use digital devices for an excessive amount of hours in a day which is firstly not healthy for their mental being as well as their eyes. Students’ eyes are turning most vulnerable because of their extended period of screen consumption. They not only utilise the screens in the daylight but most of them are guilty of even using them at night. 

How do your eyes get damaged with Screen Consumption?

We start to experience various sets of eye discomfort and condition which makes us feel uneasy and in pain. All our digital screens emit harmful blue light rays which are high energy visible light. Blue light rays are also emitted by the sun and all the LED lights. The amount of hours we lay our eyes against the screen, blue light rays, starts to have negative effects on your eyes. Blue light rays directly penetrate the retina of the eyes and start to cause various inconveniences. You experience eye strain, headaches, dry-eyes, burning sensation, gritty, red eyes and many more other problems.

All these smaller yet powerful problems are enough to disrupt your daily workflow and cause annoyance. You have to take frequent breaks and sometimes it’s even painful to open the eyes. These visual problems, if not treated on time are most likely to turn into progressive sight damage.

How do Computer Protection Glasses Help?

Computer Protection glasses are one of the most efficient solutions for students to protect their eyes from further damage. Computer protection glasses are coated with anti-reflective properties that are repellant towards detrimental Blue light rays. Computer protection glasses reflect or block out blue light rays falling on your eyes while keeping you actively protected and safe. Once you start to wear these glasses lenses, they start to diminish all the visual problems that you usually face while operating any digital screens. Eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and all the other problems get reduced up to 99.9% while it keeps you recharged and productive for the next task. 

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