Why Cryptolocator is worth your attention?

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Negosentro.com | Cryptolocator is an ecosystem, allowing for smooth trading experience. The platform is a swift and convenient P2P marketplace, distinguished for its client-oriented service and security of assets. So what is it about Cryptolocator which makes it so special? Well, let us start with the beginning! 

So what is Cryptolocator essentially? 

Cryptolocator is providing a service of instant sell/buy of cryptocurrency, using the most popular means of payment all over the world. Additionally, the platform enables users to store and exchange their assets for the US and vice versa. The platform users can make their applications on their conditions or simply choose an offer from the existing list. 

Why P2P? 

The platform takes advantage of its distributed P2P system, which helps to make agreements faster, more advantageous and safer. It takes only a few minutes for you to sign up and make a transaction. Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, you carry out transactions directly with another user, so there is no room left for middlemen like speculators in shares. 

What about security? 

Cryptolocator prevents any fraudulent actions of users against others. This is possible due to the unprecedented escrow principle. The system automatically retains the crypto asset throughout the whole transaction. More importantly, the platform incorporates the ranking system: users leave comments and feedback for each other, thus contributing for the system of reputation and trust. Security of Cryptolocator is officially registered and licensed in Europe as a P2P platform. 

Personal data of users is protected by all up-to-date instruments of transaction security, two-factor authentication, encryption and SSL (HTTPS) connection. 

Due to the constant technical audits and improvement of security systems there have been no cases of hack attacks, which demonstrates compliance with all the requirements of the crypto exchange. 

Cryptolocator uses a user-friendly web version, which operates very fast and easily. Besides that, there is an anonymous telegram bot and mobile app with a secured crypto wallet for IOS and Android. 

Cryptolocator Mobile App

In a bit to save users’ time and efforts, the Cryptolocator team has created its mobile app. The Cryptolocator mobile app allows users to perform all the functions they can carry out on the website: to store and exchange cryptocurrencies, send and receive Bitcoin or Ethereum, manage transactions and keep notified about new applications and chat messages. 

Cryptolocator brings you all the flexibility and ease of digital money. If you want to obtain valuable digital assets, while enjoying the valuable user experience, sign up on the platform, if you haven’t yet! 

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