Why Concrete Is A Prominent Flooring Material Across Australia

Why Concrete Is A Prominent Flooring Material Across Australia
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Negosentro | Why Concrete Is A Prominent Flooring Material Across Australia | Arguably one of the most common flooring materials used in the country, concrete flooring has made itself one of the best material options available in the Australian market. Variations such as concrete slabs or polished concrete are seen throughout commercial buildings, public institutions and essential infrastructure. And contrary to popular belief, concrete is not just exclusive to industrial buildings only. The right design and planning can make for a viable flooring option that can bring a homeowner’s flooring ideas to life.

There are plenty of reasons why concrete or concrete slabs are preferred for flooring across Australia. Take a look at some of the most notable ones here:

  1. Durability: If there’s one advantage that stands out from the rest, it’s that concrete floors are durable. Another good reason they’re more preferred is industrial and working environments. As a result, concrete can be a good option for flooring for many Australian homes owing to its resilience and sturdiness. Heavy furniture, heels, pets, concrete flooring can withstand all of these and more! Compared to wooden floors or ceramic slabs, this is a better alternative as homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance work or repairs within the next few years.
  2. Low Costs On Maintenance: Concrete floors are straightforward to clean, and higher-end variants like polished concrete don’t require much effort when it comes to tidying up. Stains, spills, dust and dirt can be done away with effortlessly with a mop and a bucket. For those looking to minimise maintenance works down the road, concrete flooring is the way to go.
  3. Loads of Design Options Available: As Australian manufacturing shifted from the basic design options to improved machinery and technology, so did the flooring options. This was true for concrete flooring too, which many considered dull and drab. Now, the market has a myriad of options for finishing, colouring and texturing to mimic wooden or ceramic floors or even natural flooring materials. Concrete flooring can also be customised to add heating tubes or other accessories for homeowners looking to customise their living spaces.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Concrete is significantly cheaper than flooring materials for the same space or size. However, they may not be feasible for upper floors or other locations considering the structural integrity.
  5. Other Benefits: Concrete is also free from volatile organic compounds, which is flooding the flooring market and affecting home health. Concrete floors that are properly sealed can resist moisture and the possibility of stains, reducing the effort required to keep them in pristine conditions for decades. As an added plus, Australians who are easily allergic can use concrete floors as the material reduces the number of allergens in the room.

So homeowners looking to use a flooring material that is cheap but versatile enough for hundreds of customisations, then there’s no better option in the Australian market other than concrete. Take a note of these areas in the house that can benefit from a well designed concrete flooring:

  1. Kitchens where the movement and chances of objects tripping over and causing damage are relatively large.
  2. Bathrooms as concrete provide more surface grip and are highly resistant to moisture, reducing the tendency to slip and fall.
  3. Basements can do well with concrete flooring as these areas are more prone to flooding or other minor mishaps.
  4. Garages, outdoor sheds and workspaces don’t require much installations and floor designs. So concrete is a better choice here, and homeowners can design them according to their personal preferences at a low cost.


Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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