Why Businesses Both Big and Small Are Going Solar

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Negosentro.com | Why Businesses Both Big and Small Are Going Solar | As natural resources are becoming increasingly depleted and utility costs seem to be forever on the rise, more and more large corporations are switching to solar energy. In recent years, companies as diverse as Apple, IKEA and Kaiser Permanente have committed to moving off the traditional energy grid as much as possible. Whether your business is big or small, here are some of the benefits of going solar.

Cut Expenses

Many of the overhead costs associated with running a business are unavoidable; rent, wages, insurance and maintenance are necessary expenses for most companies. However, by switching your organization over to solar energy, you can take control over one major cost, namely your monthly utility outlay. When you think about how much of your equipment runs on electricity, it probably won’t come as a surprise to discover that you are spending a lot of money each month just to keep it all running. It’s likely even less surprising to learn that energy costs are almost always on the rise, so powering your building will typically become even more expensive over time.

If you make the decision to convert to solar and buy solar panels for your building, you can reduce or even eliminate the amount of electricity you purchase from the municipal grid. After you make an initial investment in solar energy, you will begin saving money on day one of your system being up and running. A huge, and growing, expense will be slashed for as long as you keep your solar system operating.

Enjoy Several Tax Advantages

Not only can installing a solar energy system save you money each and every month, but it can also provide you with savings via some significant tax advantages. For starters, there is a federal Solar Investment Tax Credit available to offset the cost of buying and installing your system. The ITC has no cap on how much you can spend on your system, but the percentage of this credit is set to decrease in the coming years. That makes it advantageous to install solar panels sooner rather than later.

Additionally, there are options to accelerate the depreciation of your solar equipment in order to make installation more cost effective, and you can also offset your expenses by participating in the Solar Renewable Energy Credits program. A reputable solar installation company, as well as a tax accountant, can help you navigate these and other programs. These incentives are meant to encourage more homes and businesses to convert to solar energy and shouldn’t be overlooked, as they can provide big savings initially and going forward.

Operate Independently

Being dependent on a commercial energy source doesn’t just cost money, it also subjects you to the many problems that can come with being connected to the municipal grid. It’s not uncommon for many regions to experience frequent power outages and interruptions, which can be especially problematic for businesses. Chances are, without electricity your operations will grind to a halt, and you’ll be losing money as each minute without power ticks away.

By manufacturing its own energy, your property can become self-sufficient and free from the problems caused by grid-based power losses. With a reliable solar energy system that includes storage batteries, electricity will always be on hand, day or night. There is no need to worry about inclement weather or other catastrophes knocking out your power; you can continue to operate at full capacity with no disruptions. This can give you an edge over your grid-using competition, along with an enormous amount of peace of mind that comes from knowing that your power supply is secure.

With so many advantages to converting to solar energy, it’s no wonder that an ever-increasing number of large corporations are cutting the cord on traditional electricity. Even if your company isn’t on the Fortune 500 list, there are still a lot of great reasons to make the switch to solar.

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