Why Brand Ambassadors are Your Best Promoters


Exhibiting your brand at an industry event or trade show can often feel overwhelming — from planning how to tackle your marketing strategy to finding the best signage options to researching the event itself, there is so much to do.

Even if you consider yourself to be a seasoned exhibitor, it’s never an easy experience. You want your brand to make an impact and you want to capture the attention from as many attendees as possible.

Of course, captivating signage and engaging digital technology is a must, but to really make your display stand out hire a team of professional brand ambassadors.

What is a Brand Ambassador?


A brand ambassador is a highly trained marketing professional who works to increase brand awareness and loyalty by providing direct face-to-face interaction with your target audience at events.

Before any event, brand ambassadors learn all about your business, including what your values and goals are, so that they can act as confident spokespeople and promotors of your brand.

The right event marketing company will train their team of brand ambassadors to suit your needs to create a unique, customized marketing strategy.

Brand ambassadors can be:

  • Event managers
  • Emcees
  • DJs & emcees
  • Food & beverage staff
  • Photographers
  • Product samplers
  • Product demonstrators
  • And more

Before you approach your next event’s marketing strategy, consider the following benefits to hiring a team of brand ambassadors.

They Humanize Your Brand


People are more likely to trust a real person than a faceless brand, and brand ambassadors are hired because they are naturally charismatic salespeople; they have no trouble interacting with event attendees face-to-face.

When brand ambassadors are aligned with your brand, they are also emotionally invested, and event attendees notice this. Brand ambassadors develop strong relationships with attendees by investing in them emotionally — helping to turn them into qualified leads and sales.

They Increase Your Brand Awareness and Social Media Reach


Brand ambassadors are excellent promotors, and they utilize well-researched connections and networks on social media during events to push your brand.

When brand ambassadors are part of your campaign, you integrate their individual social media clout into the picture which maximizes what you’re doing at your booth.

Brand ambassadors create personalized hashtags and content before and during an event to increase traffic to your display.

They initiate engaging activities such as interactive photo booths, where attendees can take fun photos to post to social media using your customized hashtags. This encourages further traffic to your display booth and it boosts brand awareness.

People don’t forget extraordinary customer service, and brand ambassadors always go above and beyond when helping an attendee.

They are Excellent Event Managers and Coordinators

The right brand staff has years of event marketing experience, and they are well-versed in organizing pre, live, and post event strategy.

They take care of the logistics of your event, including turning attendees into leads, so all you have to worry about is closing those deals.

If you want to make the most of your upcoming event or trade show, hire a team of enthusiastic brand ambassadors. They bring positive awareness to your brand as well as a lot of personality.