Who Needs ISO Audits Done?

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Negosentro.com | Who Needs ISO Audits Done? | ISO audits are commonplace in manufacturing, because ISO certification is often required to sell to large companies. It is also a selling point with your own customers. However, manufacturers are only one group that needs ISO audits done. Who needs ISO audits done? And why do they have ISO audits performed? 

Raw Material Suppliers 

Whether you’re harvesting wood or selling petroleum products, ISO certification is a major selling point for you. It qualifies you as a supplier to many more companies. If you provide minimal processing of materials, ISO certification may differentiate you from the competition. ISO audits can help you determine which ISO standards are applicable to you and what systems you need in place to meet them. 

IT Firms 

Quality management systems are a selling point for service providers. Furthermore, meeting other ISO standards are a measure of your company’s service levels. For example, IT firms that offer software or IT security checks that are in compliance with ISO IT standards are head and shoulders above the rest. You’ll have system-wide plans for putting security patches in place, minimizing the risk of data loss in a natural disaster and have control over systems that minimize the risk of your network being compromised. ISO audits ensure that you have good configuration management and quality management systems in place for your IT systems and service delivery. 

Service Providers 

Do you sell pipes, install manufacturing equipment or design buildings? If you’re well versed in ISO standards, you look like an industry leader. If you actually meet ISO standards for testing products in the field or green construction, you’ll be able to attract a higher level of clientele. And they may pay a premium for your services. Click here to visit this website to learn how your professional services firm can gain ISO certification. Design firms and engineering firms should get ISO certification, whether you’re designing irrigation systems or solar farms. ISO audits allow you to know if you meet ISO standards and can point out ISO standards you should meet before you fail a formal audit. 

Medical Firms 

ISO compliant quality management systems are invaluable for medical firms, whether you’re performing surgeries or selling durable medical equipment. Do you have methods of tracking inventory, verifying things are done correctly and correcting problems? This ensures that your business doesn’t just offer safe, reliable medical products but minimizes the odds of medical mistakes that are one of the biggest killers of patients. Having good quality management systems in place also improves the quality of care that patients receive, whether they’re buying custom orthotics or scheduling physical therapy sessions. 

Not-For-Profit Organizations 

ISO certification is of benefit to nonprofits. At a minimum, meeting ISO standards for IT security protects client’s information from theft and puts potential online donors at ease. Meeting ISO standards for accessible design in your products or facilities and meeting ISO guidelines for management accountability are a plus in the eyes of the community. 

Government Agencies/Local Jurisdictions 

Government agencies and municipal governments should meet ISO standards where possible. Meeting ISO standards on IT security and data management minimize the risk of embarrassing data breaches and interruptions in service. Understanding ISO standards allows you to ensure that new construction projects like drainage systems are built to the highest possible standard. Meet ISO standards regarding records management and corrective action systems, and you’ll provide the highest quality social services possible. And you won’t be subject to horror stories where you waste money paying ransomware off or having data breaches that result in a public refusing to pay more in taxes for a government considered incompetent.

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