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Negosentro | Where To Buy The Best GIDC Stevia Sweetener In The Philippines? | Sugar is one of the most common ingredients for food products in the Philippines. Bakeries, milk tea shops, and other establishments all use sugar. But, did you know that there is a

Sugar is most likely the main ingredient for the different food industries in the Philippines. Pastry products, milk tea shops, and beverages are using sugar. But, did you know that there is no need to rely on sugar since the best healthy alternative sugar for your business exists? This is the Stevia sweetener.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from a leaf related to asters and chrysanthemums. To be more specific, Stevia rebaudiana is part of the Asteraceae family and grows in South America, particularly Paraguay and Brazil. The advantage of stevia over sugar is that it is not artificial, has no calories, no carbohydrates, and has a zero glycemic index. On top of that, stevia is approximately 200 times sweeter than regular table sugar in the same concentration.

An Italian botanist, Moises Santiago Bertoni, is often credited with the discovery of stevia in the 1800s. However, there is evidence that stevia was used by the native Guarani Indian population hundreds of years before then. The plant had medicinal uses, such as a treatment for burns and stomach pains. It was even used as a contraceptive. Unsurprisingly though, the stevia leaves were also chewed on as a sweet treat. More recently, stevia leaves have been used to sweeten tea in South America and Asia.

Where Can Stevia Be Used?

Stevia is already present as an ingredient in over 5,000 food and beverage products. Such products include ice cream, yogurts, bread, soft drinks, gum, and candy. The potential for stevia as a sweetener was truly unlocked through a purification process patented by the Coca-Cola company in 2008. This then led to the Food and Drug Administration approving stevia extracts as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Stevia itself can now be regularly found in supermarkets, usually in the baking goods or health food aisles. Stevia can be used as an ingredient in cooking with each brand having its own sugar-to-stevia ratio. Its intensified sweetness generally means that recipes use significantly less stevia than they would sugar.

Where to Buy Best Stevia Sweetener?

The first stevia dietary supplement produced and certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines was produced by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation (GIDC) Philippines. GIDC is the first stevia supplier in the Philippines established in 2004. Being the first certified and original best tasting stevia in the Philippines, they are the most reliable stevia supplier in the Philippines.

In 2009, GIDC introduced Sweet and Fit, the best tasting stevia in the market. Sweet and Fit Stevia is also used in other Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation products, such as Glorious Blend Coffee Mixes, Sweet and Fit Tea, and Sweet and Fit Stevia Chocolate. They also conduct stevia toll manufacturing. It is the best and easiest way for you to incorporate stevia into your food business. If you want to buy Sweet and Fit stevia, click here.


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