Where To Buy The Best Caviar

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Negosentro.comWhere To Buy The Best Caviar | Long considered one of the world’s oldest and finest delicacies, caviar takes some time and knowledge to get comfortable with. Understanding how it’s made, where it comes from, and how to determine quality will put you well on your way to knowing you have purchased a quality product and not an undesirable imitation.

How it’s Made

Simply put, caviar is the roe (eggs) harvested from sturgeon fish. These magnificent creatures are actually prehistoric. There still exist roughly 27 known species, though 18 of those are now endangered. These ancient beasts can grow up to 1000 pounds and live for 100 years. When you buy caviar the quality will largely depend on the type of sturgeon, its maturity, and how the eggs are harvested.

Beluga is universally considered the best of the best, however, this also makes it extremely expensive. It is also illegal to import into the United States because of its endangered status. Osteria and Kaluga are also extremely popular and much more reasonably priced. The maturity of the sturgeon is also an important factor as well as the eggs being harvested in a sustainable and humane way. Once harvested, the roe is cleaned, brined, and packaged. The brine is what makes it officially, caviar.

Where Does it Come From?

Historically, caviar was only true caviar if it came from the Caspian Sea or the Black Sea. Eventually, sturgeon were found in other countries and trends have changed. At one time the United States was the largest exporter of caviar in the world, it was being given away for free! It’s hard to believe now but overfishing led to the near extinction of many species of sturgeon. Because of this, the importance of sustainable aquaculture practices has become paramount in keeping caviar available and affordable.

These days China, Germany, and once again the United States have all focused on the sustainable and humane practices of harvesting roe. They are the leading exporters and you can find this delicious delicacy available locally or have it shipped to your door in a matter of days.

What’s Quality?

When investing in an exciting experience like purchasing caviar, freshness, and quality is paramount. Caviar is graded based on the size, color, texture, and aroma of the roe from which it is made. You can ensure best practices are being adhered to by purchasing from a boutique producer with its own fishery. They are in total control of what is going into the water and sturgeon and how the roe is harvested. Don’t be afraid to research the company, most are proud to show off their sustainable habits and help you decide which type of caviar to purchase.

Another good option, especially for an introduction to the world of caviar, would be going to your favorite gourmet grocery or specialty store. A knowledgeable employee can help guide and assist you with recommendations and other helpful advice. Of course, having the one on one help is nice, but most places are quite limited on what they carry so once you get a better feel for what you like, you may want to again, consider shopping online.

As mentioned before, freshness is of the utmost importance when it comes to caviar. Anything stocked in a store or even a local market will likely have been there a few weeks at least. The freshest available caviar will be packaged and immediately shipped to you, a few days to a few weeks makes a big difference in the world of caviar.

Finally, make sure to read consumer reviews. This is important with any online purchase, but especially one that is such an investment. When you find a product you enjoy (or even if you don’t) make sure to leave your own review to help others.