When someone says “Corporate Travel Management,” what do they really mean?

When someone says

Negosentro | When someone says “Corporate Travel Management,” what do they really mean? | Corporate travel management refers to the procedures an organization establishes to facilitate employee work trips. As such, the business traveller is responsible for arranging company events, planning business trips, and doing any other necessary activities. It is the obligation of corporate travel brokers to oversee this process and ensure that it is carried out in a legal and ethical manner. It is essential that none of these activities slow down the company’s output.

When it comes to business trips, here are some reasons why companies should use a travel management firm.

Using a corporate travel management company may help you save money, which is one of the most important advantages. All of your travel expenses, including lodging, transportation, and insurance, are included in this total. A professional business travel agent will know where to look or how to bargain to get your organization the best deal possible on business travel.

For this reason, if you manage a medium or large company, you probably won’t have time to organize your personal business trips. A dedicated corporate travel manager will handle these tasks so you and your staff may focus on other areas of the company.

Successfulness: as the number of business trips taken by employees rises, more and more organizations are turning to corporate travel management services to make sure their employees get where they need to go without incident and in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Externally-based Management of Business Trips: Outsourcing, Internal, or an Agent?

It is common practice for companies to hire a corporate travel management company in an effort to reduce travel costs. In-house and external travel agencies are the two most common types used by corporations. In the following lines, we will discuss the main pros and cons of both approaches.

Departments staffed by Travel Agents

Your in-house travel management agent is the person you entrust with planning trips, adjusting itineraries at the last minute, and obtaining the best possible prices for your employees.

An in-house travel management agent is an employee who can be relied upon to streamline the corporate travel planning process and contribute to the company’s success. Having no need to worry about paying fees or commissions to an agent is another perk of going with an internal rather than an external agency.

Management Companies Outside the Company

Experts in the field of corporate travel, and outside travel management firms have years of experience planning trips for business travellers. Ask for their help, and they’ll take advantage of cheaper internet booking choices. An external agent is different from an in-house agent in that you don’t engage them to handle your company’s business travel needs but instead pay them a fee or commission for each reservation they make on your behalf.

Internal travel agents may be difficult to contact during an emergency since they sometimes work alone. Our 24-hour service, on the other hand, includes access to a dedicated team of travel management experts located in the outside world. In the event that one of your employees becomes sick or loses their luggage while on business trip, the agents will be accessible around the clock to assist them.

To what extent is a corporate travel management agent accountable for ensuring that all of the necessary services are provided?

In-house agents and agents employed by external agencies have very similar job descriptions. Following is a rundown of the top six responsibilities of corporate travel brokers:

Construct itineraries and prepare for travel.

Depending on the airline or online ticket source you select, you may incur hefty fees if you need to make changes to your itinerary after purchasing your tickets. These costs might be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Making last-minute scheduling changes is par for the course in the corporate world. But if you want to avoid getting fined, a business travel service may make the necessary modifications for you at no extra cost.


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