What’s the Secret to Keeping Employees Happy

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By Ann Gabriel | Negosentro

Having trouble retaining your best employees? One thing that comes to your mind first is to offer them a raise but these days, money isn’t everything.

When keeping employees happy, there’s more to life than monetary rewards. Showing an employee valued and respected is more rewarding than bonuses and other company perks.

Many studies have shown that employees who are engaged in their companies are much more satisfied with what they are doing which results in higher levels of productivity and loyalty.

Have you weighed the best ways to keep employees satisfied?


1. Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

Photo Source: movemag.ca
Photo Source: movemag.ca

If you haven’t taken this into consideration, it’s time to think again. Employers should think of ways where they can offer their employees a positive work environment that would make them feel connected to the organization


2. Strengthen Communication Between Employees and the Management

When employees feel that they are being heard and that the management are willing to listen to them, they start to communicate and share their ideas to the organization.


3. Create a Career Pathway

It’s critical for businesses to come up with career plans for their employees. Employees who don’t see a clear career pathway at a certain job often leave the organization. As part of training and development, employees should be aware of the training opportunities that your company offers. Mentoring and coaching will greatly help especially employees who are new to the position.


4. Recognition and Reward

According to the Investors in People (IIP), UK’s most widely used people management standard, success should be celebrated. Many of our employees strive hard to deliver results and contribute to the company. Recognition and reward are high motivators for employees and this makes them feel motivated and valued. A day off or small token of appreciation will definitely be a good catch.


5. Make Employees Part of the Big Picture

Give the benefit of empowering your employees to contribute and make a difference. Oftentimes, employees would just communicate the plans and expectations to their subordinates. But making them part of the planning process is a huge part of facilitating engagement and motivation. The secret of successful business is having a workforce that is knowledgeable, capable and trained contributors to the business’ overall objectives.