What’s Happening With the Changing Landscape of HR

The changing landscape of HR isn’t really a surprising thing to discuss as technology affects almost everything today. This fast-paced and modern world has paved the way to changes not only in systems and processes, but also to the people. Today’s HR landscape has become more complex.

For instance, it has been observable that online resumes have become more widely used rather than the traditional hardcopies. This is for the fact that social media is already being used as a recruitment tool by employers nowadays. LinkedIn allows applicants to post their resumes and portfolio online. On the other hand, it allows employers to post their company profile and job openings. Some employers look into Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to find the best talents through candidates’ posts.

As more business progress with the help of technology, the HR takes advantage of this, too. Together with the IT, both departments come together to create better ways on how processes would be developed. This includes payrolls, daily timekeeping, and the like.

Many people whose line of business does not concern the HR thinks that they’re only into the welfare of the employees. More than keeping up with trainings, sick leaves, and health card benefits, the changing landscape of HR today proves that their influence greatly affects an organization. Starting from the recruitment, the HR plays a big role in choosing the best talents to maximize a company’s assets.

The changing landscape of HR proves that while change is inevitable, growth and progress is optional. It has gone through adjustments, innovation, and development, and it’s importance just got greater. As the HR moves towards more changes, it’ll surely be a way for an organization to progress, too, towards a better future.

Wha are the key points that we need to consider and deal with the changing landscape of HR? Know more about this as Mr. Jesus Gregorio “Nonong” F. Noriega III, Division Head of Employee Development at PLDT as he leads the discussion at the 10th Philippine HR Summit, happening on August 3-4 at Crowne Plaza Galleria.

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