What You Need to Know About Nebulizer?

You Need to Know About Nebulizer

Negosentro.com  | What You Need to Know About Nebulizer? | Nebulizer therapy is one of the few highly effective methods of treating respiratory diseases in children and adults, which has no alternative in a number of cases. 

The basis of nebulizer therapy is nebulizers- a type of inhaler that forms an aerosol from a liquid drug with a particle size optimal for penetration and deposition in the corresponding areas of the respiratory system. 

In fact, a nebulizer is a high- tech device that is responsible for the delivery of drugs into the respiratory tract. It is needed to treat diseases of the respiratory tract. It is useful, for example, for acute respiratory diseases. It is often bought by people with allergies or asthma: the device helps to alleviate the symptoms of these diseases. 

The guaranteed properties of the aerosol and the predictable therapeutic effect are the main advantages of the nebulizer.

How Does a Nebulizer Work? 

There are three types of nebulizers: compressor, mesh nebulizers and ultrasonic. There are many other options available in the market including: portable silent nebulizer, mini portable nebulizer and rechargeable portable nebulizer. They all work according to the same scheme; they convert the medicinal solution into a fine aerosol, but they all do it in a different way. 

  • Compressor nebulizers are the most common and affordable, but they are noisy and often take up a lot of space. Such devices spray a medicinal solution under the influence of a powerful jet of air.  
  • Mesh nebulizers are quiet and compact, there are models with a sealed chamber that can be tilted at any angle. In mesh nebulizers, particles of the medicinal solution pass through a special membrane, after which they immediately enter the respiratory tract.
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers are silent devices. In them, the solution turns into an aerosol under the influence of ultrasound. Hence the main disadvantage of such devices: the effect of ultrasound is detrimental to a number of drugs. That is why ultrasonic nebulizers are not suitable for all types of solutions. For example, hormonal and antibacterial drugs cannot be used with them.

5 Facts About Nebulizers You Should Know While Choosing 

  1. A nebulizer is a medical inhalation device that delivers drugs to the respiratory tract. It is useful for children who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases or during colds to relieve symptoms of the disease.
  2. It is best to use a rechargeable portable nebulizer on the recommendation of your doctor. Inhalation without a prescription and with the wrong medication can be unsafe for your baby.
  3. There are three types of nebulizers: mesh, compressor and ultrasonic. The most versatile are mesh and compressor ones. Mesh nebulizers are compact and quiet, suitable for babies and those who need regular inhalation, such as asthmatics. Compressor rooms are louder and larger. Suitable for those who want to use a nebulizer from time to time, during the cold season.
  4. To save on solutions for inhalation, it is worth choosing a portable silent nebulizer with an inhalation activation system and a low residual volume – approximately 0.1–0.7 ml.
  5. Nebulizers need proper care. After each procedure, the nebulizer kit and attachments must be rinsed and dried and sterilized regularly. The easiest way is to take care of devices, the parts of which can be boiled: you don’t have to spend money on special disinfectant solutions.
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