What You Need to Know About Age Spots

What You Need to Know About Age Spots
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Negosentro | What You Need to Know About Age Spots | We love the sun for the source of light, warmth, and Vitamin D. But too much sunlight can have some destructive effects on the skin. It may cause age spots which, although they are not harmful, you may wish to remove for cosmetic reasons. You may make the marks less visible or even disappear by visiting a Fort Worth age spots specialist at Skin Deep Laser MD. The specialists here use the latest technology to rejuvenate your skin to achieve smooth and younger-looking skin.

What causes age spots?

Age spots occur as a result of the production of melanin after exposure to ultraviolet light. When the skin is exposed to this light, it produces melanin to protect the skin from the sun’s light. Age spots occur when too much melanin in the skin becomes clamped together.

When should I worry about age spots?

Age spots occur more often, and they are no cause for alarm. Age spots may appear as flat, oval, black, or brown marks. You should have your doctor check abnormal spots. These abnormalities may indicate a severe condition such as melanoma. You should see your doctor if:

  • Your spot turns black or red
  • It increases in size
  • Your spot becomes scaly and rough
  • It becomes shiny or waxy

It may be difficult to differentiate an age spot from melanoma; your doctor may need to conduct a skin biopsy to determine your condition. This involves taking a sample of the affected skin to the laboratory for tests.

What are the risk factors of age spots?

Age spots can occur to anyone regardless of age, race, or sex. But they usually happen to people with certain risk factors such as:

  • Having a light skin
  • Being age 40 years and older
  • Having a history of sunburns

How are age spots treated?

Age spots do not cause any health issues, but some people may not feel uncomfortable with them. If you want to deal with age spots, your doctor may treat them using:

  • Prescribed medications such as creams that help fade the marks
  • Medical treatments to remove or reduce the scars

Your doctor will recommend the appropriate medical procedure that suits your specific needs. The treatment for your skin will depend on its condition and the intensity of the spots.

Am I a good candidate for laser treatment?

When you visit your doctor, they will examine you to determine whether you are a good candidate. During the consultation, your medical caregiver will ask essential questions that will help in deciding on the right treatment plan. Present all the questions that you feel need answers. Your specialist will endeavor to find the optimal treatment plan that suits your needs.

Are age spots cancerous?

Age spots are not cancerous. But sometimes, dark or brown spots that appear on your skin may be signs of cancer, so it is crucial to know the difference. If the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time and becomes damaged, skin cancer may develop. It is vital to take note of spots that appear in your skin and change color. Book a consultation with your specialist at Skin Deep Laser MD to get treatment for age spots.

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