What Types of Services Are Provided by an Auto Body Repair Shop?

What Types of Services Are Provided by an Auto Body Repair Shop?
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What Types of Services Are Provided by an Auto Body Repair Shop? | The first patent for a gas-powered vehicle was filed in 1886. Today, Japan, China, and Germany are the leading producers of automobiles, and car ownership remains strong in most parts of the world.

Approximately 97 million vehicles were manufactured in both 2017 and 2018. Although this number declined in 2020, 78 million vehicles were produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every car owner is responsible for vehicle maintenance and may need to take their vehicle to an auto body shop for repairs. Continue reading to learn about the services body shop technicians provide and what mechanics do so you can determine where to take your car for repairs.

What do auto body shop technicians do?

Auto body shops play a crucial role in collision repair. There are six million motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Consequently, millions of vehicle owners need the services of auto body repair technicians. Repair techs replace damaged parts. Whether you own a Honda, a Nissan, or a Chrysler, the auto body shop works with you to identify suitable replacement parts.

Some car owners may prefer to replace doors, hoods, and bumpers with parts from the original equipment manufacturer. In contrast, others may opt for the most affordable replacement parts available, including parts from other vehicle manufacturers. Auto body techs focus on replacing structural parts but do not replace parts that power or stop vehicles.

Auto body repair techs may also provide spot painting, ensuring cars that need a touch-up look their best. Techs blend car paint colors, ensuring nobody notices the transition between paint colors when looking at your car. You don’t have to Google “auto body repair shops near me” to find a reputable body shop in your area. Instead, head to Maaco.com and use their body shop locator tool to find a body shop near your location.

Body shops offer a range of services. You may need technicians to replace parts or repair dents if your car’s damaged. You may elect to pay for spot painting to improve your car’s appearance if it’s been dinged by a stone or another vehicle. Whether State Farm or Geico covers you, these body shops can work with your insurance company and help you handle the claims process, ensuring you receive insurance coverage for approved repairs.

What do mechanics do?

Automotive service technicians and mechanics provide routine vehicle maintenance and perform car repairs. Automotive service technicians and mechanics work with regular vehicles used by individuals, including cars, minivans, and small trucks. In contrast, diesel service technicians and mechanics maintain and repair vehicles with diesel engines, such as buses, tractors, and construction vehicles.

Any vehicle owner may take their vehicle to a mechanic to have the oil changed, the tires rotated, or the brakes replaced. Routine vehicle maintenance can enable vehicle owners to maintain their warranty, ensuring the vehicle manufacturer pays for replacement parts that wear down within the first few years of vehicle ownership. Techs and mechanics may also top up vehicle fluids and perform inspections. A vehicle owner planning on a road trip out of state may opt to have their vehicle inspected before departing, ensuring their vehicle’s in excellent condition.

Automotive service technicians and mechanics also assist car owners with repairs involving the engine or brakes. These technicians and mechanics ensure your vehicle can reach safe speeds and slow down. They replace or repair electrical parts, such as signal lights, allowing you to operate your vehicle in compliance with motor vehicle laws. They can also repair critical systems, such as your air-conditioning system or your transmission.

Auto body shop techs replace structural parts, such as bumpers and doors. They also provide spot painting services and blend paint colors, ensuring your vehicle looks its best. Mechanics repair engines, brakes, and critical systems used when operating your vehicle.