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What They Say - Negosentro

“Negosentro is an excellent platform to share your ideas. Topics are extremely diverse and insightful to the core. Not many blogging avenues around. Quality stuff all-round. Keep inspiring Team.”
               – Sam Zaman,Principal Mobile App Consultant,Mofluid.com (India/US) 

mobicommerce-logo-mediablast“A Big Thanks to the people behind Negosentro.com for creating a viable content platform for businesses like ours!” – Rakesh Jain, CEO and Co-founder, Mobicommerce (USA)

“Thank you so much guys for helping me with my digital content needs for my business!” – Patrik Kanada, CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft (USA)

“A great convenient business platform for the exchange of experience/knowledge/tools/HQ content. Place where professionals work. Excellent service, high level of professionalism!”
               – Sharon Conwell, Content Marketer (USA)

“Thank you so much for your support and you guys are the best in advertising. I would love to share my thoughts on your site with great social media impact. Cheers!”
              – Emma Smith (Content Marketer (Australia)

“Amazing working experience with NegoSentro, best place to share ideas and I love to choose this again and again.” – Michel Johnson, Classical Chandeliers (USA)

“Incredible content and resources! Way to go people!”
– Nivi Watson, Digital Content Professional (USA)

“Overall I am really satisfied with the fast response of yours and so easy communication with you.”– Neil White, Media Gurus (Australia)

“I’ve been very happy with NegoSentro for giving me a chance to share my thoughts on their blog. Truly a big help for content marketers. Keep it up!” -Patricia Evans, Editor at Articletuts (USA).

“You’re a valuable content marketing partner. Thanks for always being so accommodating!”
– Sara Trotter, Editor, Advance Systems (USA)

“Ichoose PH trusts Negosentro as a venue where readers can exchange knowledge and experience through different formats. Thank you,  Negosentro for being a platform of information dissemination, especially about our expertise, car insurance and road safety in the Philippines! Til the next time!”– Sam, iChoose.ph (Philippines)

“Such a lovely experience for a rookie blogger like me to share my knowledge with such a wide audience! I am so thankful that there are guys like you who give opportunity to beginners!
               – Alex Williams, Journalist and blogger (Australia)

“Amazing content you’ve got here, guys! Helps me a lot!”
– Steven Clarke, Media Gurus (Australia)

 “We love Negosentro! They have been a consistent and excellent platform where we can freely post our ideas. A very solid partner! I will always choose Negosentro. Thank you guys!”
              – Robert Cordray, Content Writer (USA)

“It’s my pleasure to work with you and reach our audience through your site. You guys provide quite fast service. Keep it up!”
– Cindy Hawthrone, Digital Marketer (USA)

“It is undoubtedly amazing services by you. Thank you very much guys for such an amazing service you have provided us within the short period of time and we get a good amount of business benefits!” – NuCitrus                            Technologies (USA)

“Working with NegoSentro has been an absolute pleasure. Always helpful and supportive; you are the best business and digital content platform I’ve encountered. Keep up the good work!”
              – Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer (USA)

“You guys are awesome! Thank you for being a strong partner in digital content!”
– James Stewart, Mobilmindz (USA)

‘Working with Negosentro has taken all the hassles out of my job! Thank you Negosentro family!’
-Kevin Gardner, Content Professional (USA)

“Great team, great help! Thank you for being a trusted partner in digital content. Well-appreciated quick turnaround!”
– Alice Honeycutt, Content Strategist (USA)

“Keep up the great work, people! Your content work is excellent!”
– Alice Jackson, Designhill (USA)

‘It’s always a pleasure collaborating with NegoSentro and World Executives Digest! Great content, great resources, great team.’
– Lamudi (Philippines)

“It’s been a great experience working with NegoSentro!”
– Straight North (USA)

 “You guys rock! What a talented pool of content people able to help us out. Thank you guys!”
– Saroj Aggarwal, Upwork (USA)

“These guys have helped me and my team immensely with our business. Warm recommendation for everyone getting involved in a startup!”
– Raul Harman, BizzmarkBlog (Australia)

“Valuable source of information and very interesting content. Friendly, helpful and supportive team – You are doing a great job!”
– Diana  Smith, Content Strategist (Australia)

“You’re a great help, Team Mediablast! Your NegoSentro blog is awesome, mates!”
– Jack Louis, Content Marketer (Australia)

‘It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals and be able to share content and experience. Very supportive team which is friendly and helpful.’ – Emma Joyce, Content Marketer for Douglas Partners (Australia)

“You guys are awesome! It’s been a great experience working with you. Thank you for helping us!”
– Phil. Exeq Search (Philippines)

  “Mediablast has indeed been at the forefront of content marketing in Asia.   Keep up the good work, especially with your blogazines Negosentro and       World Executives Digest!”
              – Nidesh Singh, Co-Founder FashionBuzzer.Com (India)

“Wow, that was fast! Thanks so much for being a supportive content partner!”
– Benjamin Brandall, Content Marketer (UK)

“Thanks a lot for being responsive and quick in your actions!”
– Amelie Lawrence, Content Manager (Australia)

“I really like Negosentro’s vision. I love what they’re doing. I feel it’s a great platform to share your thoughts.” – Sandra Cobain, Child Psychologist and Head of Content @ BestForTheKids

“Mediablast’s Negosentro.com blog has delivered on its content marketing promise. Absolutely amazing!”
– Irfan Ahmed Khan, Digital Marketing Expert (Canada)

‘Thank you NegoSentro! Your content services are fast and efficient! Excellent! Highly recommended!’
– Cathy Habas, Content Professional (USA)

“Mediablast and Negosentro have been incredible content solutions partners to us and our clients here in Australia. Thank you guys!”
– Zac Ferry, Content Marketer (Australia)

“It’s always great working with your team — very responsive and warm! This partnership brings results!”
– Dan Radak, Web Hosting Security Professional (Germany)

“Amazingly quick turnaround! You guys make it sound so easy. Thanks for being a great content marketing resource!”
– Carolin Petterson, Content Marketer (Australia)

“Wow, That was unbelievably fast! You guys are the best! Thank you for all your help.”
– Mark Palmer, Content Professional (USA)

“Thank you for being a supportive content partner. I would be glad to work with you again and again!”
–  Amy Trotter, Writer (Canada)

‘A very good experience to work with the team, great support and guidance! Truly a platform with great opportunity.’
– Mohd Sohel Ather – Blogger (India)

“It has always been a pleasure working with you. I am amazed by your quick responses and you guys are easy to mingle with.”
– Helen Cartwright, Blogger (Australia)

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