What specifications make an IQF freezer premium?

What specifications make an IQF freezer premium?

What specifications make an IQF freezer premium? | When looking to buy an IQF freezer, you must make sure it’s efficient, fits into your production line well, and performs the exact job you need it for. Well, today we’ll explain what are the advantages of owning an Octofrost  IQF freezer so, you’re free to decide on your own, whether it is what you’re looking for. Teams of engineers have worked tirelessly on this freezer, combining modern technology and a distinct freezing approach to create the ultimate production experience for your business. Here are the specifications to pay attention to, and how well does our freezer perform:


One of the key factors of a high-quality freezer is its ability to supply the same service, for diverse types of products. This is only possible with a heightened level of customizability. That way, it’s possible to incorporate it into different processing lines, which would have different requirements, while also performing at an elevated level.

To achieve this, we’ve implemented several technologies which are both innovative and unique, that you will benefit from.


Our engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect the Individual Quick Freezer design to include unique aerodynamics that maximize the freezing speed and create a well-separated product overall. Combining distinct elements such as porous bedplates, freezer shape, and high-powered fans, coupled with frequency shifting technology – our freezer creates unique airflows. These cold airflows work great for freezing the product quickly, efficiently, while also separating the individual pieces.

Adjustable Airflow

Premium products are distinguished by their precision. Having the right proportion to everything, coupled with knowledge of how to best perfect the process is what transforms a superior product into a great one. That’s why the adjustable airflow is vital – it allows you to freeze your product at the ideal rate, utilizing energy efficiently, and preserving the products’ texture, shape, and even appearance, to an extent, without exceeding the best freezing temperature for your type of product.

Wide selection of products

The premium freezer you choose should be able to support as many products as you may want to expand into. The frozen food industry is varied, with some products being more popular at certain times than others. By being able to shift your focus and produce to exactly what is needed at any given point, you’re able to maximize profits and answer demand exactly as it surges.

With our Freezer, you’re able to create IQF fruits, berries, vegetables, seafood, meat, cheese, pasta, and even grains. At most, you will need to adjust the individual processing parameters for the machines, and the infeed mechanism, to preserve the exterior shape of your product. Our machines will handle the rest.


An amazing consequence of being able to customize the chilly air flowing through the Freezer is that you can perfect your processing to gain optimal airflow and energy savings. The powerfully built fans are integrated into Octofrost’s IQF freezer design, creating a unified whole, where everything works elegantly together.

As some products may not require even a third of what the fans can put out, you’re free to adjust the airflow and save all the energy that would go towards running them.


When freezing various products, it’s possible to exactly adjust the airflow capacity as soon as you need it. This increases energy efficiency, as no amount of energy is wasted as part of the production process and you’re free to ensure you get as much as you need for your production. By optimizing the energy consumed, you’re able to save up to 20 – 30 % on energy alone. 

Additionally, each fan has a specific converter that will help you adjust it to your exact requirements.

Improved yield

Thanks to the snow removal system in the IQF Freezer, it’s possible to reduce dehydration and avoid snow formation in the freezer. This leads to longer production cycles and better handling of your products, creating premium products with a more natural appearance.

Built-in hygiene

A premium freezer should make hygiene a naturally occurring consequence of its operation, and not a challenge for you. That’s why our monoblock design is made uniquely fitted to keep up and running, as well as easy to maintain, for as long as possible. The slopes built into the design, combined with the rounded corners make cleaning it effortless, while the bedplates involved in processing create a unique hygiene standard as they can be exchanged outside the freezer, without stopping production. 

Cleaning under the freezer is simple as well, as the legs of the monoblock structure keep it above the ground, allowing easy cleaning if required. The CIP (Clean-In-Place) is a wonderful way to maintain the highest hygiene standards across the industry, while not sacrificing productivity.

Exchangeable bedplates

An Octofrost novelty, this patented design replaces the traditional belts used in the processing and introduces a series of interlocking bedplates instead. They’re easily connected, or disconnected, from each other, and replacing them and cleaning them is effortless and doesn’t require stopping production. The upgraded bedplates can be exchanged by a single person, reducing the manpower required.

Effortless switching between products

Thanks to the built-in measures to ensure higher hygiene standards, the existing bedplate technology is effortlessly changed, according to your needs. Now you avoid any cross-contamination risk completely, as the bedplates are fully cleaned outside the freezer, which is much more difficult to do when using belts.

No interruption

When switching bedplates, cleaning and maintaining them can be done outside of the tunnel freezer. That makes existing bedplate replacements always available and results in not having to stop production for maintenance, further increasing productivity. 

Process improvements

The best aspect of our technology is that it marries practicality with necessity. That’s why, in addition to fulfilling and exceeding current hygiene standards across the industry, our unique porous bedplates also improve productivity. Thanks to the airflow created as it permeates through the bedplates and less energy used through adjustable fan speed, it’s now possible to achieve an improved freezing result.

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