What Should Be Considered in the Design of Social Media Images?

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What Should Be Considered in the Design of Social Media Images? | If you’re a startup brand or want to make your existing brand’s social media strategy more appealing, visual content can help build your internet identity. The importance of social media platformance is increasing day by day in today’s advertising world.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ platforms have nearly three billion active social media users. So how can you get your account to attract these users? The answer is simple: by creating interesting and interactive social media designs. Luckily, there are some tools that can help you at any time, especially if you are a newbie, with increasing the engagement rate you get on your social media. These include not just YouTube likes or Twitter followers but things like buying Spotify plays and Instagram watches. 

In this post, we will try to answer questions such as how to design social media, how to design social media images, what should be considered in the design of social media visuals, what features should a remarkable social media design have. We will provide an explanation with clauses for clarity and usefulness.

1) Use effective and eye-catching photos

In order for a social media design to have the desired effect, the visual, photo or picture to be used in a design must have visual power and effect.

Use effective, beautiful and visually pleasing photos to bring your ideas to life.

In summary, the first things to consider when creating an effective and successful social media design is to use a beautiful and animated photo.

2) Set the size of the images according to the social media channel on which they will be posted

Every social media platform has a number of recommended offers for visual posts.

The visual dimensions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar social media platforms are different from each other.

If you want your posts to be published in the best way and enjoyed by your target audience, it is important to create your visual dimensions according to the regulations on a particular platform.

There are a number of measures each social media platform recommends for cover, profile, and share photos.

3) Institutionalism in Social Media Designs

The photos or posts you share on social media should reflect the corporate lines or corporate image of your brand to your target audience. As in all areas of design, social media should be designed within a certain framework and a certain logic.

For example, if you have a logo design consisting of black and blue colors and a corporate identity accordingly, using these colors in almost every advertising medium, you should maintain the same corporate image in your social media visual designs. This example is also an indispensable rule of integrated marketing communication.

4) Too much text should not be used in the pictures

Many social media platforms don’t allow too many articles, especially in sponsored ad posts.One of the basic rules of visual communication design is to avoid confusion in perception and to convey the clearest message to the target audience with the least visual element.

Remember, the more text used in an image, the more complex the job becomes.

5) Save Images in the Desired Format

Pictures posted on social media are usually pictures in JPEG format. In short, saving as JPEG will do your job. However, social media is changing rapidly. If they want you to save images in another format, you will have to adjust.

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