What makes an ideal roommate? All you need to know

ideal roommate

What are the first prayers you do when you go around looking for rooms for rent in a shared housing arrangement? You pray that you get a good roommate. Now, who qualifies as an ideal roommate? A lot depends on your behavior, as well. We shall now look at the qualities you should have and expect the perfect roommate to display as well. Here is everything one should know as to what makes for an ideal roommate.


  • Communication


Everyone understands that they should have excellent communication skills to maintain good relations with people, especially roommates. What is effective communication? It is nothing but expressing your point of view to your roommate in a language that both of you are comfortable with. Though you are roommates, you need to draw specific lines that neither you nor your roommate should every try to cross. Making this point clear is the core aspect of developing any relationship. It also entails that you are open with your roommate and expect him/her to be the same with you.  


  • Adaptability


As you look around for roommates, you become flexible because you have to live with a complete stranger in most cases. Does it sound intimidating to you? No, it should not because adapting to circumstances is a part of life. When you live with a roommate, you cannot stamp your authority on everything because both of you come from different cultural backgrounds. The ideal way to handle such issues is to adapt to the ‘Give and Take’ policy. You give an inch to take an inch. It helps you develop excellent relationships with people you do not know at all. 


  • Consideration


Understand that everything cannot go your way all the time, you need to show patience to build a working relationship with your roommate. It entails you to be kind and considerate to the needs of your roommate. When we say ‘considerate’, we refer to your actions that could go on to affect your roommate. It becomes crucial to respect the sleeping habits of each other. If your roommate has a habit of sleeping in the afternoon, you should be considerate enough not to disturb him/her at that hour. Refrain from scheduling your phone calls when your roommate is enjoying his/her siesta.


  • Consistency


Sometimes, you could end up looking awkward when trying to be the person you are not. The critical aspect of maintaining a good relationship with your roommate is to display consistency in your behavior. Similarly, you have a right to expect your partner to behave similarly as well. When you live with a roommate, it becomes necessary to become friends with him/her and take all steps to maintain the friendship under all circumstances. Your room should be a peaceful place where you can retire and be by yourself. Displaying consistency in your behavior can help you in this regard. This consistency can also help you to tide over sudden mood swings. It is advisable to ensure not to allow your mood swings to affect your relationship with your roommate. 


  • Cleanliness


When you move away from home and look for rooms for rent in USA, you are all by yourself. You have to do all your work on your own. It includes maintaining cleanliness. Hence, one should develop sanitation as a habit since childhood. It can become your virtue when you move in with your roommate. Remember that old habits die hard, and when they are good habits like cleanliness, it goes a long way in cementing your friendly relationship with your roommate.


  • Respect


Your roommate is your companion. Hence, it is advisable to show mutual respect to your roommate rather than telling it verbally. Remember, they have a life outside of you just as you have one outside of them. Therefore, mutual respect is the only way to maintain the relationship from going sour. Respect the privacy of your roommate when they are not in a good mood and request to be left alone. Respect their time by cleaning up the mess you make so that they do not have to. Give them the space they deserve. Automatically, you get your space and privacy as well.


  • Accept people as they are


How would you like your living space to be, a friendly atmosphere or a war room? Naturally, you would like it to be peaceful. You can ensure it remains so by accepting your roommate for what they are instead of expecting them to toe your line every time. Remember that they might come from culturally different backgrounds and have their pluses and minuses. Accepting them for what they are is the right way to build a productive relationship.

Final words

Taking up rooms for rent can be easy. Finding an ideal roommate is a challenge. Develop the qualities discussed above to ensure that you change your behavior towards your roommate. It will automatically induce a change in your roommate’s behavior, as well. These tips can go on to help you build an everlasting friendship with your roommates. 

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