What makes a good product label?

What makes a good product label?
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Negosentro | What makes a good product label? | A product label is one of the first things that consumers notice. Therefore, it is important to make your label look attractive and professional. The label actually determines whether a consumer will buy your product or decide to purchase the product of your competitor. If you are currently working on your label, and you want to make sure that it is captivating for consumers, here is a list of things that make good custom product labels

The Right Colors

You need to make sure that you pick the colors that will grab the attention of a casually walking customer in a store. However, you should be careful when choosing the combination of colors because they can clash and even lessen the entire appeal of your product. The colors that you choose should reflect the personality of your product and brand. For example, if your product is associated with energy, then you should consider warm colors. If it is about calmness and relaxation, a cool color scheme is a good choice. 

An Appropriate Shape And Size

The size and shape of your product label mainly depend on the type of packaging you are planning to use. For example, if your packaging is a round container, then you will need to choose between two types of labels – a front and back label and full wrap. Choosing a custom label shape is also a great idea because it will help your product stand out on the shelf. 

Eye-Catching Graphics

Using great graphics can help draw the attention of consumers to your product. Usually, people notice images first, so you need to make sure that the images you are using for your label are high-quality and engaging. Also, you should work with a label manufacturer that uses a quality label printer that can produce exceptional graphics and images. If you are looking for a label manufacturer in Cortland, NY, or other nearby areas, you should contact Quadra Flex. 

Readable Fonts

A label should also contain engaging information that will motivate consumers to buy a product. For this reason, you need to make sure that the fonts you are using for a label design are not unreadable or cluttered. If your font is not readable, it may affect a potential sale. Here are several useful tips that will help you choose the right and effective fonts for the label:

Avoid Standard Windows Fonts

If you want your label to look unique, do not use such popular fonts as Monotype Corsiva, Times New Roman, Papyrus, or Arial. There are thousands of engaging, catchy, unusual, and unique fonts that you can use to reflect and demonstrate the personality of your brand. 

Use Fonts Form One Typeface Family

If you decide to use multiple fonts, you should be very careful. By choosing fonts that do not work perfectly together, you risk making your label and product look disorganized. For this reason, choosing labels that belong to one typeface family. 

Remember About Brand Consistency 

Do not forget about brand consistency. You should use similar fonts in product label design and marketing materials. 

Include A Story

People love stories. If your product, company, or brand has a unique and interesting story, you should include it in your label. Stories help consumers connect with brands and establish connections with them. 

Leave Your Contact Details

Including your contact details is also a great idea. Your label can include such information as your actual physical address, and phone number, and where consumers can find you and your brand online on social media. 

Do You Need A Good Label?

Having a good label is extremely important, especially if you want to attract the attention of a consumer. The label’s design, size, fonts you use, colors, and other factors have an impact on the consumer’s purchase choice. Therefore, if you want to push your product sales, you need an attractive label. 

If you live in Cortland, NY, or other nearby areas, and you are looking for a reliable and experienced label manufacturer, Quadra Flex is here for you. Quadra Flex has been on the market since 1994 and has been making custom label products for almost 30 years. We specialize in label graphic design and custom label printing. We have been working with a great variety of markets, including bottled water, craft beer, pet products, automotive, packaged & prepared food, coffee & tea, industrial, health & beauty, cosmetics, liquor & spirits, and others. 

If you still wonder why you should work with us, here is a list of reasons:

  • We always provide outstanding, professional, and friendly customer service, regardless of your needs and requirements.
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  • We can help you create a unique custom label product. You can choose your own size, shape, and materials. 
  • We offer attractive and affordable pricing
  • We can deliver your label products to any part of the United States and the world. 

If you have any questions about Quadra Flex or you want to discuss your project and label, do not hesitate to reach out to us any time – we are always ready to provide you with the information you need.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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