What Kind of Security Services Do You Need to Protect Your Business in Leicester?

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Negosentro | What Kind of Security Services Do You Need to Protect Your Business in Leicester? | Over the years, Leicester has developed a higher crime rate than before. According to official statistics, the chance of being victimised by crime in Leicester is 57% higher than the national average in England. Suffice it to say that if you have a commercial establishment in Leicester, it must be secured and protected professionally. This is pretty much a universal requirement for all businesses with a physical establishment anywhere in the world of course, but a bit more attention to security details can help avoid unnecessary financial losses in Leicester. Read on to find out what kind of security your business stands to benefit from the most here.

Traditional Private Security: Concierge

The concierge is a modernised version of the traditional full-time security guard, albeit with more responsibilities. Their job starts with opening doors and greeting guests, extending up to CCTV monitoring, making rounds, and even providing primary physical protection against intruders. Shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and even private practices rely on uniformed concierge security for the most part. Nowadays, concierge guards may also provide receptionist services as well, but that’s where you should be careful.

It’s far too common to see undermanned concierge security systems, where an insufficient number of guards are hired to carry out everything from making rounds and checking live CCTV feeds, to taking calls and making guest entries at the reception. If you want your business to be truly protected beyond just the show of it, either supplement concierge guards with other types of security services or hire enough concierge guards for each of their assigned duties to be carried out properly.

Key Holding and Mobile Patrols: Enhanced Security

Mobile patrol guards do not stay on the premises, but they will check the facility throughout the day and/or night at regular and irregular intervals. Patrol guards are more prepared to handle ongoing criminal attempts, thanks to better training and better gear. Although it’s not mandatory, mobile patrol guard squads may include personnel with a history of working in defense (army, navy, police, etc.).

Try to work with a security company in Leicester that also provides key holding services alongside mobile patrols. Key holding refers to the act of holding onto your business establishment’s keys on your behalf. They hold the key to ensuring that:

  • You don’t need to go and see what is going on personally if a security alarm goes off.
  • The mobile patrol guards can check inside the premises if they see, hear, or observe anything suspicious.
  • An alarm response can be provided to stop criminal acts as swiftly as possible.
  • Police can gain quick access to your facility if you are unable to be present there right away.

Stewards: Special Event Security

Stewards are also specially trained security guards who are more suited for crowd control and public security than regular security work. You will see them at rock concerts, music festivals, political gatherings, and sporting events all the time. It’s usually the event management companies and the event venue owners who require stewards to ensure the safety of their guests.

They greet guests and monitor everything both through area patrols and CCTV feeds. If needed, stewards will act to maintain peace and quell problems before any of them can spiral into something much bigger. You will also need them if you have plans to host, sponsor, or arrange a big company party anytime soon. Stewards generally work outdoors, but they are also needed to secure indoor events if the venue is large enough for that.

Comprehensive Security

Depending on your business’s security requirements and the scale of its operations, you may just opt for a comprehensive security service instead. Just like the name suggests, comprehensive security services include all of the above and more. However, if your company can indeed benefit from complete security coverage, work with a single security service provider that can meet all requirements.

Working with more than one security company is not uncommon, but it’s bad practice nonetheless. The fewer parties that have access to your facilities, the better. Also, if something does go wrong and an internal compromise is suspected, finding the person/people responsible becomes much easier.

Note that sometimes, different names are used for similar security services to differentiate them in terms of specialisations and limitations. For example, a retail security guard is going to provide concierge services as expected, but they are also more likely to have prior experience working in retail.

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