What is VPN? Best List of VPN for 2021

What is VPN? Best List of VPN for 2021 wifi hacker app Overcoming Potential Obstacles Improve the Security of Your Business iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery vpn wifi security
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What is VPN? Best List of VPN for 2021 | Nowadays, online safety is more important than anything. And VPN service is one of the most vital things you can choose for your laptop, PC, and Smartphone. 

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, software that helps to make you secure while using the internet. It encrypts the data security and allows your Pc to change its location entirely. Within the change in technology, VPN services have become the game-changing kit-for Pc, Laptop, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. 

If you’ve entirely new to VPN’s then you have landed on the right webpage. Here we will discuss what VPN is and also the list of best VPNs for 2021 and their functionalities why they are best, what are their features, price, and more.  The entire list is selected by our experts, who had gone through each VPN service personally. 

What is Virtual Private Network?

VPN or virtual private network allows you to establish a secure internet connection with another network safely. It often used to access region-restricted websites and shield your eye on Public Wi-Fi for vast entertainment. 

In current times, the usage of VPNs is at its peak, but not for the original purpose they were created. They basically made to connect multiple business networks safely over the internet or allow you to access business networks from home. 

In simple words, VPN is a smart network that allows to you changes the server of the country and access countless websites over the internet, which won’t be possible with a regular server. For example- if you want to access US websites, through a VPN you can change your server location from India to the US. It looks like you’re coming from the US. 

How VPN can help you?

You can use VPN in numerous ways such as:

  • You can watch streaming channels. 
  • You can change the IP address of your computer to a different location in the world. 
  • It will protect you from unreliable Wi-Fi channels.
  • You can access everything on the web by thrashing your actual location.
  • Even you can shield yourself or bypass geographical location to watch online streaming of different countries. 

Best List of VPN for 2021

VPN is fantastic for online streaming, gaming consoles, and more. This is why VPN has been used widely – with gamers looking for the best gaming vpn available for example. Hence, choosing the best VPN becomes a daunting task with hundreds of different VPN service providers.

Well, all VPN services are the best for changing location, ensuring safety, and privacy. But opting for the right VPN service can help you gain more benefits. 

Luckily, we have come with the best list of VPNs that covers the right balance of features, pricing, and ease of use. So, let’s find the best VPN service, provider. 

  • IPVanish

IPVanish is at the top of the list, because of its quality service. The company motive is- Security made simple, and it accomplishing its goals successfully. IPVanish is a highly comfortable and easy solution with unlimited features. 

Its User interface provides a vast range of server selection options along with great graphics performance. Further, it comes with an array of protocols-means you will get quality service, no matter what you’re connecting to. 

The company also provides an excellent list of servers with current status information. Additionally, the ranges of configuration options are available on the app itself, which add extra value to the app. As per performance-speed is crazy, fantastic overall transfer performance, and good security plan. 

You can find IPVanish similar to Nord, but you must check IPVanish VPN Vs Nord VPN to know how different both they are. 

Moreover, you will be glad to know- IPVanish plans are affordable than others.  And also, it comes with an extra 250GB of encrypted cloud storage due to collaboration with SugarSync. 


  • Connections- unlimited
  • Kill Switch- yes
  • Platforms- Windows, Mac, plus routers, firestick and Kodi
  • Servers- 1500
  • Price- $2.63/month
  • Location- 75
  • Trial- 30-days
  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is yet another popular company when it comes to buy VPN.  It has long been recognized as the World’s best VPN service provider for delivering fast speed and 24/7 customer support. 

The server also provides routers with far-reaching custom firmware and VPN browser extensions. Additionally, the user can access its dedicated MediaStreamer function on multiple devices like Apple TV and PS4, which mostly don’t use the VPN connections to hide your location to access the world’s media content.  The negative aspect of ExpressVPN is you will be able to log in up to 5 devices only. 


  • Connections- 5
  • Kill Switch- yes
  • Platforms- Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, and Android
  • Servers- 3000
  • Price- $2.63/month
  • Countries- 64
  • Location- 160
  • Trial- 30-days
  • SurfShark

If you are looking for a highly reliable and affordable VPN service then SurfShark can be your choice. Instead of its price, SurfShark offers great speed and stood best in our testing. 

Through the SurfShark single VPN plan, you can install the apps easily that linked to you with many devices you need. Additionally, you can let your family members within the game without worrying about security. 

Despite this feature, it doesn’t allow you to enjoy many features. But from the last year, SurfShark has gained great solutions in the market with its smart functionalities. 


  • Connections- unlimited
  • Kill Switch- yes
  • Platforms- Mac, Windows, Firefox, Chrome, and Fire TV
  • Servers- 3200+
  • Price- $2.49/month
  • Location- 100+
  • Trial- 30-days
  • NordVPN

NordVPN is also on our list because of its quality features like DNS, kill switch, and allow you to pay with cryptocurrency. It is called the best and fast VPN channel that makes it one of the best choices for customers. 

No logs off policy, exclusive security measures, and unlock unlimited streaming are the benefits you can’t ignore. The key advantage of using NordVPN is it offers a large pool for more than 5000 servers and supporting 6 locations at a time. 


  • Connections- 6
  • Kill Switch- yes
  • Platforms- Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, Android, and Firefox
  • Servers- 5400
  • Price- $3.71/month
  • Countries- 59
  • Location- 80+
  • Trial- 30-days

Final Words

These are our 4 best VPN servers you can choose from in 2021 for great entertainment. One must keep in mind choose a VPN that is highly trustable and provide immense security. 

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