What is The Best Time for E-Commerce Platforms to Start Promos?

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Negosentro.comWhat is The Best Time for E-Commerce Platforms to Start Promos? | The growth of E-Commerce is unstoppable. It offers convenience and accessibility to customers that the traditional mall shopping cannot provide. This is evidenced by the barrage of online selling content present in almost all social media channels, crossing over from E-Commerce platforms like eBay, Shopify, and so much more. But nothing says thumb-stopping or eye-catching than a photo with the word ‘Promo’ on it. And while they are always appealing, not everyone is willing to shell out cash any time of the day simply because there is an on-going sale. 

For business owners and entrepreneurs, it is important to know when to drop a promotion– coax the customers into getting the best deals or us that long kept eBay coupon code for much-awaited purchase. A well-timed promotion makes it a win-win situation for the seller and the customer. But when is it actually a good time? 


  • Big Holidays for Big Spending

Big sales are always expected during the holidays because it is when most people have extra cash to spare, and when most people have actually budgeted to go beyond their regular spending. People are on the watch out for deals that scream 75% off, half the price, or Buy 1 Get 1 offers. These holidays may be few and far in between– Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas, and a couple more– but they are the most anticipated and that is why the best promos are offered during these times.

Compared to brick-and-mortar stores, an online promotion during these holidays makes it a win for E-Commerce platforms. It’s a great option for customers who are looking to avoid plunging into the dreaded holiday traffic and long lines at the mall, in exchange of more time with friends and loved ones at home.  


  • Platform Anniversaries and Business Milestones

Beyond national celebrations, business milestones are also a great way to launch E-Commerce promotions. It is a good opportunity to show customers appreciation for supporting your business and maintain customer loyalty. 

Promotions can come in various forms and most common would be bundles, coupon codes, and freebies. On top of making loyal customers satisfied, a good promotion also entices new customers to try out your products. Each business has its own unique set of customer behavior and it would be best to stay in tune with your customers’ habits to know what deals to offer best.

Anniversaries, ten thousand customers, or a hundred thousand sales– never miss an opportunity to celebrate a milestone with your customers and grow your base even more. 


  • When Business is Slow

Not everyday is a holiday and there will be times when business is slow. It serves as the perfect opportunity for a gimmick to get customers to notice your business and products. And a promo might just do the trick. 

But note that slow periods also mean that people are not willing to spend so much so it is important to be conscious of promo prices. Apart from discounts, why not offer an eBay coupon code or discount voucher to select customers who might just be saving for a big spend in the future? Give them something to come back for. 

There is no set formula that predicts the best time to have sales. But for the smart entrepreneur, it all relies on knowing your market and their habits, and staying a step ahead in predicting their needs and wants. 

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