What is Outbound Call Center Software?

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What is Outbound Call Center Software? | Outbound call center makes calls to potential and regular customers. This is designed to provide feedback to customers, as well as inform them about upcoming events and gather information using the contact base. Read more here.

High-quality customer support is not only about trained operators, but also about the right outbound telemarketing software. Modern technologies and solutions help to automate operational and business processes in this area, as well as increase employee productivity. 

To start choosing the best software for the call center, you need to determine the necessary functions, taking into account your business model. And also think about how you will implement and use the dialer software for outbound call center so that it forms a single technological space, convenient for the operator. 

Outbound Call Center

This is a type of call center for making cold calls to potential customers who do not yet know about your company and products. The purpose of these calls is to gather information about potential customers and provide them with information about the benefits of purchasing your product or service and, in many cases, to set up an appointment. In this regard, there are several goals of cold calls: to find the right contact (their phone number), to get through assistants, secretaries to make contact so that the sales process can begin.

Also, with special software and dialing mode for cold calls, the call center can automate calls to potential customers (if you have a large base of contacts and several operators). They automatically dial the number, play a recorded greeting, connect to an available operator if there is an answer, record the conversation and allow you to register the results in the customer card.

The main tasks of the call center for outgoing calls are as follows:

Confirmation of the issued order. After the customer sends a request to the company, the manager must contact him several times through various channels to confirm the fact of purchase, inform about the delivery time and the algorithm of cooperation. Also, the operator is obliged to answer the incoming calls from the customer. At the same time you can control all the functionality delegated to the contact center.

Questionnaires and surveys. Collecting feedback allows you to assess the quality of services and products to improve the level of customer support in the near future. 

Information delivery. Often, outgoing calls from the call center are used to promptly inform customers about upcoming events: conferences, seminars, job fairs, and more. Also, such a call will allow in a short time to inform a large audience about current discounts and promotions.

Updating the client base. Private customers and companies often change telephone carriers, and with them their phone numbers. Therefore, the information on contacts needs to be updated regularly. To check the database, it is convenient to use outgoing calls from contact center operators.

Telemarketing. To research your audience’s needs for new products and services it is rational to conduct marketing research. With our call center software you’ll be ready to market your new product and see how it will be received.

What does the outbound telemarketing software track?

Call center performance indicators are factors that influence the perception of the quality of a company’s services or products by consumers and potential customers. Many issues are solved with the help of call centers. The higher the efficiency of operators’ communication with clients, the more successful sales are made.

Basic call center metrics that determine the performance of the call center

  • Number of lost calls

Sometimes customers terminate a call before they receive an answer.

  • Percentage of redirected calls

When routing is set up correctly, the strategy for handling incoming calls works effectively, and customers actively use IVR – voice answering machine. Analysis of this data allows you to determine not only the quality of service, the efficiency of call handling, but also the number of successfully completed negotiations. These parameters actively influence the performance of the call center.

  • Competence of employees

Operators should be able to solve at least 80% of customer problems. The company’s income increases in proportion to the number of successfully resolved issues.

  • Costs per call

An important aspect, considering the popularization of IP-telephony.

  • Is a phone line unavailable?

When the maximum number of operators is busy and another customer calls, the line is blocked. As a result, the customer does not receive an answer to his question.

Advantages of using outbound call center software

If the call center performance is not what you expect, consider using the latest call center technology and software vendors that you can trust.

What does advanced outbound call center software do to monitor the effectiveness of a call center?

  1. The outbound calling process allows you to collect all the information requested by various customers about your company. The software helps the operator quickly find order status information and customer card information. Employees will be able to edit some of this data at the request of the manager.
  2. Allows setting up call routing, solving customers’ problems as quickly as possible. The program determines where the call came from, which is necessary to form a basic understanding of the customer’s interests.
  3. Outbound call management allows for individual settings. All known customer phones can be dialed sequentially, and the connection is made at the first answered call. The time of the next attempt for unanswered calls is determined individually. Employees work only with answered calls, with a minimum of effort and maximum benefit, which has a positive impact on the performance of the outbound call center.
  4. Integration solutions with web services are designed to keep agents informed, reduce the cost of each call and increase the efficiency of resolving issues. Technology options are provided to improve the quality of service. Several methods of call distribution are supported: based on operator qualification, history of previous calls or information obtained from external systems.

Competence of operators, use of VoIPTime Contact Center software, streamlining of interaction with customers are factors that allow to improve the performance of the call center, which has a positive impact on your company’s profits.

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