What is Hypospadias and How is it Corrected?

What is Hypospadias and How is it Corrected?

Negosentro.com | What is Hypospadias and How is it Corrected? | During birth, a child is examined to check for any developmental defects. Hypospadias is a childbirth defect recorded in boys. This is a genital development disorder that occurs during the 8-14th gestation period and affects the urethra’s orientation. A boy child born with Hypospadias has inappropriate urethra placements in the penis tip; it could be any point between the underside of the penis and scrotum.

Hypospadias defect is corrected in young boys through hypospadias repair. Hypospadias repair is a surgical procedure done on young boys to correct urethra positioning defects.

Types of Hypospadias disorders

Hypospadias defect in boys is described based on the location of the urethra opening. That is Sub coronial, midshaft, and penoscrotal hypospadias. Midshaft defects refer to the condition where the urethra opening is at the middle of the penis shaft. 

Subcoronal Hypospadias – the opening can be found near the tip of the genitals. Penoscrotal disorder is diagnosed when the opening lies at the junction of the penis and scrotum.

Besides the urethra opening positioning, Hypospadias boys would have difficulties spraying urine when they visit the urinal. This forces them to sit like females when they go to urinate. Their testicles would be hanging such that they aren’t felt in the scrotums or have a curved penis.

Hypospadias Repair

Hypospadias defect in boys is corrected/repaired through surgery in the early. Before settling on the Hypospadias repair surgery treatments, the defect is diagnosed first. Diagnosis is done post-childbirth when the pediatrician is screening the child’s body for any defects. The procedure is done physically, but the doctor needs to do thorough research to conclude if it’s abnormal genitalia or Hypospadias when the opening is not visible or testicles can’t be felt in the scrotum.

After the detection of hypospadias defect in boys, the problem is corrected through surgery. Hypospadias repair surgery is done when the boy is aged between six months and 2years old. The procedure is done to reposition the urethra opening to the tip of the penis, although not all hypospadias disorders need correction.

The child is put under anesthetics to prevent them from all the surgery pain, and a single procedure is enough to correct multiple lesions. When a child has been diagnosed with Hypospadias during birth, circumcision is discouraged d as the foreskins are used in tissue grafting during hypospadias repair.

 The penis is also straightened during the surgery. To elongate the urethra, foreskin, and other soft body tissues used in grafting procedures. A urethra catheter is inserted to strengthen the corrected penis and direct the urine flow after surgery. 

Why is hypospadias repair important to boys? Hypospadias defects lower one’s self-esteem because they are ashamed of their penis’ appearance.  When the boy matured, they will experience a curved penis during erections. A misplaced urethra would make one’s urination a nightmare since they can’t be able to control its flow and directions. It is easy for somebody to spill urine on their clothes every time they go to the urinals. Uncorrected Hypospadias is associated with decreased men fertility affecting their reproduction capability.


Hypospadias is a usual child defected recorded in boys during birth. The repair surgery is mild and easy. Don’t deny your child the chance to be a man by neglecting the Hypospadias repair if their diagnosis is positive.

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