What Is Happening: January News Around Denver

What Is Happening: January News Around Denver
Photo by Thomas Ward from Pexels

Negosentro | What Is Happening: January News Around Denver | The weather is frigid, and it is definitely wintertime in Colorado. With that in mind, have you wondered what has been going on lately? When was the last time you read the news? With all of the snow falling outside, it is quite possible that the last storm buried you.

The truth is, it can be easy to lose track of the daily news when you have many other pressing responsibilities to worry about at home. Fortunately, articles like this one can compile a short overview that you can skim over for a quick briefing. Whether you like getting your news from more traditional and formal sources or you prefer hearing from some of the freelance court reporters Denver, there is plenty of information out there. Check out some of the latest Denver news:

Man Set an RV on Fire

It might seem like something you watch in an action comedy film, but it actually occurred a few hours west in Mesa County. There, 9-1-1 callers accused a man of intentionally setting his RV trailer on fire. While the case still remains unsettled, police arrested the accused individual. The man driving the RV turned out to be a 60-year-old gentleman who had some minor criminal history. When cops arrived at the scene, he had parked the RV behind a local business. The outcome of the case is still pending.

City of Denver Increases Parking Fines

Hello, commuters! Get ready to monitor your parking times more closely if you want to save your budget. Starting February 1, the city government is increasing current parking fines. For the most part, fine increases will be by $10, however, there are some exceptions. For example, the fines for blocking bike lanes, sidewalks or crosswalks will go from $25 to $65. Fines for illegally taking an accessible parking space will increase from $150 to $350.

Aurora Police Department Faces a Lawsuit

In other Denver area news, the Aurora Police Department is currently facing a lawsuit after an officer shot and wounded a 19-year-old last July. In the lawsuit, the victim’s attorney alleges that the Aurora police officer improperly fired into a moving vehicle after the man had a reaction to questionable police threats. According to the police report, law enforcement was originally investigating the man because someone reported that he had taken a used cell phone from an ex-girlfriend. 

City of Denver Set to Allow Mask Mandate Expiration 

It may be time to rejoice, Denver inside dwellers… but perhaps a bit too soon. After having a mask mandate dutifully in place since November last year, Denver COVID-19 infection rates have drastically decreased around the city. While this is great news that has prompted city officials to recently say that they will “likely” ease back on mask mandates soon, it may be too early into the winter season to accurately predict the future of COVID.

Denver Neighbors Share Snow Shoveling Tips

With all of the recent snowfall around the city, it can be a lot of work for homeowners to worry about cleaning up their driveways. To help make things easier, some of the city’s neighbors put together a few pointers for other snowy area residents. In Denver, residents have 24 hours after snow stops falling to clean up the sidewalks around homes. Depending on which surrounding area you live in, the specifications for shoveling rules can differ. Some places impose fines immediately after 24 hours. 

If you have needed a refresher on Denver’s news, here is a look at what has been happening. While the news is not always the most exciting or inspiring information to absorb, it is nonetheless extremely important when it comes to collecting knowledge about how society functions. It can also offer communities helpful insights into how to live life a little bit more comfortably among all of the inevitable chaos. Remember, winter is far from over, so bundle up and make the best of it!

Photo by Thomas Ward from Pexels

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