What is an ancestry genetic test?

What is an ancestry genetic test? Setting Up Your Own Laboratory: A Guide How to file a case of medical malpractice 2020-Negosentro

Negosentro | What is an ancestry genetic test? | Most of us know who we are or where we come from because of what our immediate family has told us. But how to discover our ancient ancestry? Going +300 years back in your roots would probably tell you things you never imagined, and you might even discover that at some point you were related to a famous person or even royalty.

Nowadays, thanks to technology and great scientific advances, it’s possible to know who those relatives were thanks to genetic ancestry tests. If you are curious to know where you really come from, one of the companies that delve into more aspects related to your ancestors is Ancestrum

Genetic ancestry tests: what they are and how they work

Genetic testing is focused on finding out the information hidden in your genes that can be useful in different aspects of life. Ancestry tests, in particular, analyze your DNA to locate where your ancestors were in the world so that you really know where you come from hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

To determine your ancestral origins, all you need is a saliva sample that you can collect at home and send to Ancestrum’s laboratories for analysis. Once there, professional scientists will sequence your DNA and compare it with samples from their extensive database. In this way, they’ll be able to find the similarities and differences between your genes with those of different groups from different parts of the world and locate your genetic trace.

By following the genetic similarities, a guiding thread can be established that goes back the years and centuries necessary to locate how far back your genetic trace goes. Ancestrum tests in particular can even tell you what percentage of Neanderthal is still present in your genes if any. You can also find out your maternal or paternal lineage to know who was your ancestral mother or father or how far your genetic trace goes throughout the history of humanity.

What else can I know with a genetic ancestry test?

In addition to all of the above, these tests will show you your geographic, ethnic, historic origin and if, at any time, there has been any crossbreeding with a historical celebrity. We have detailed below what you can find in each of these sections of the ancestry test:

  • Geographical Ancestry: You’ll know in which specific places in the world your ancestors were in at least the last 800 years. The level of detail can even show regions or provinces within countries where traces of DNA related to yours are found.
  • Ethnic ancestry: Thanks to this analysis, it’s possible to locate your DNA among a multitude of samples from various ethnic groups around the world. Thus, you can find out to which races your ancestors belonged and how much of them remains in you.
  • Historic ancestry: If you don’t have enough information to know where your ancestors were and what ethnicities they belonged to, historic ancestry will locate your DNA in different periods of human history. There may be traces of your genes in the Middle Ages or even as far back as the Neolithic or Paleolithic eras.
  • Celebrities: As a curiosity, it’s also possible to know if, at some point in your lineage, you were mixed with famous people such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Einstein, or even current celebrities such as Susan Sarandon or King Philip V of Spain.

Knowing all the information that your genes can provide about your ancestors is more within your reach than ever. Just purchase the kit and start the process – get ready to discover everything you didn’t know about your family since the beginning of time!

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